Hair Stylist Angelo David Pisacreta Introduces VOL and Hair Detox

New York City’s hair extension expert, Angelo David Pisacreta, officially launched Hair Detox and the VOL Volumizing Trio to the Angelo David Hair Care Collection.  For those looking for a new hair care line that delivers, this may be what you’ve been looking for.


As part of the Angelo David Hair Care Collection, VOL and Hair Detox will now provide women everywhere the opportunity to create and maintain their dream tresses at-home while promoting ultimate hair health. The VOL Volumizing Trio features the first-ever shampoo and conditioner set to join Angelo David’s product line, as well as a revamped volumizing spray, formerly known as Premier Volume Spray. angelo


Different than any product in the Angelo David Hair Care Collection, Hair Detox is an all-natural herbal supplement that gently detoxifies the body from the inside out, to help restore its natural ability to grow fuller, stronger and healthier hair. Containing 100% natural nutrients and herbs that were selected for their abilities to reduce stress, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, such as biotin and green tea, Hair Detox not only helps improve hair health and growth but also addresses many possible causes of unhealthy skin and nails.


VOL Shampoo and Conditioner are available for purchase exclusively at Angelo David Salon in New York City and online at: Also exclusively available at Angelo David Salon and online is VOL Volumizing Spray with a portion of each purchase being donated to Lupus Research. Hair Detox comes with a 90-day, money back guarantee, and is exclusively available at Angelo David Salon and online at

NYFW14: Lela Rose whimsy hair by Ted Gibson

lelaroseLela expressed to Ted that her collection was inspired by fairy tales such as Brothers Grimm and Hansel and Gretel. She wanted mythical, magical hair to be walking down the runways, so not only did they create a fairytale finish but  also kept the actual process of creating the hairstyle sort of fanciful and magical as well.

They started by prepping the hair with Build It blow drying agent at the roots for volume and gave the models a quick round brush blowout. Next they took large sections of hair and tightly wrapped them in figure 8s around rods made from tin foil.

Next flat iron each rod. The metal conducts the heat and it sets the hair into a beautiful imperfect ethereal wave. Then sprayed the setting hair with Beautiful Hold hairspray for hold.

Finally, they took out the set, back combed the hair and gently pull it back (with fingers) into a twist above the nape of the neck. We then tuck it up and secure it with bobby pins.

To keep the fairytale hair grounded and ethereal we added a barrette to the top of the hairstyle and loosely pulled out a few pieces of hair in the front.

Is this whimsy look one that you would wear on your wedding day?

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Spring Hair by Redken

I love Guido!  He is not only funny, but one of the most giving (of his time and knowledge) hair stylists I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.  So when he has tips for natural, clean yet modern hair…I’m all over it.  Just think of this as simple styling for your destination wedding a la Princess Kate.red3

Redken Creative Consultant Guido worked with the model’s natural texture to create a simple, modern look for Christopher Kane. Prior to styling, Guido purified the model’s locks with Redken’s hair cleansing cream to give the hair a refreshed, clean look and feel. To maintain the natural texture of the hair, Guido worked with his hands to create the finished look, rather than brushes, combs or heat styling appliances.


“I kept the hair really simple, working with the natural texture and character of the girl’s hair. We prepped the hair with Redken’s hair cleansing cream shampoo to give it a very clean, pure quality and then let it dry naturally. Once the hair was completely dry, I added just a touch of Redken diamond oil shatterproof shine to tame any frizz and add extra shine.”


Redken Products Used:red4

hair cleansing cream shampoo


wax blast 10 high impact finishing spray-wax


diamond oil shatterproof shine


powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo

red1Create the Look:

  1. Wash hair with hair cleansing cream shampoo and condition with clear moisture conditioner
  2. Create a natural off-center part
  3.  Apply wax blast 10 high impact finishing spray-wax and let hair dry naturally
  4. Once the hair is dry, finish with diamond oil shatterproof shine on mid-length and ends to tame frizz and add shine
  5. Finish with powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo to enhance the hair’s natural texture

Redken Consultant Guido creates a hairstyle as irresistiblly beautiful for Bottega Veneta 2013



Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a hairstyle as irresistible as the beautiful Bottega Veneta Fall 2013 collection at his first show (of three!) that he styled today in MIlan. Guido said designer Tomas Maier wanted the girls to have a “real hairstyle” for the show today – and a real hairstyle is certainly what Mr. Maier received, with the end result proving to be an overall look the ultimate in elegant.
“My point of reference for the style today was actresses in both the 40s and 70’s – I think specifically of a young Jodie Foster in the 1976 film Taxi Driver. The key to these soft, voluminous curls is first the amount of product you use – if I’d used less product, it would have meant less volume when I brushed the curls out at the end. You should also focus on using a small curling iron, like the 1/2 inch irons were using today, and curling small sections of hair.”  -Guido, Redken Creative Consultantbv bv1 bv2 bv4
1. Apply guts 10 root targeted volumizing spray foam from roots to ends to create volume and a base for styling and rough blow-dry hair.
2. When dry, make a deep side part and then mist hair all over with iron shape 11 thermal setting mist to protect hair from the heat and help the curls hold their shape.
3. Start to pin curl hair in small sections with a 13mm (1/2-inch) curling iron, making sure to leave the top 2-3 inches on the drown uncurled. Pin each curl to the the head with setting pins as you curl.
4. When finished curling the whole head, leave to set and when then when hair has cooled unpin each curl.
5. When finished unpinning each curl, run fingers lightly through curls and then gently brush out with a boar bristle brush for more volume.
6. Backbrush the top front section and then sweep the section across the forehead and secure in place with a bobby pin.

Redken Creative Consultant Guido simply sleek Reed Krakoff Fall 2013

Redken Creative Consultant Guido sent the models at the Reed Krakoff Fall 2013 show down the runway this afternoon with clean, rich blow-outs that complemented the designer’s polished, well-cut collection in a variety of rich textured materials from cashmere to leather. 

“I didn’t want this blow dry to feel too fresh or perfect, I wanted it to feel a little old, like it might be on the second day. It’s straight, but still with the memory of the shape [made by blowing drying with a round brush], so it feels luxurious but not in an obviously luxurious way. It’s a minimal idea for hair. Reed Krakoff is a newer New York designer who creates very modern styles, so there’s not a larger conic reference, and this hairstyle is thus really for a woman of today, and is more about a feeling than it is about a set style.” rk1 rk3 rk-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Create the Look:

  1. Wash hair using Diamond Oil shampoo and conditioner to start the style with clean, fresh hair.
  2. Create a messy center part.
  3. Section hair and blow-dry with a round brush, letting each section cool on the brush.
  4. Guido then blow-dried the hair again quickly once done and added powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo to the lengths, to create a more “lived in” texture and a matte finish.


Redken consultant Guido creates sleek style for Versace Fall 2013

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a style for the Versace Fall 2013 show in Milan today that we almost would have expected.

He started with a rich blow-dry that held true to the glamour, luxury, and sex appeal that the house stands for, but then added one distinctly new element. The “comb up” he sculpted in the front proved it might just all be in the details, giving the final style just the right amount of rock n’ roll. In fact the edgier-than-usual Versace collection (complete with hard-to-miss nail earrings & razor blade necklaces) when paired with Guido’s “boyish approach to feminine hair” might just succeed in putting 90’s punk back on the fashion map this season.

“I combed up the front of the otherwise simple, luxurious blow-out I gave the models at Versace today, which definitely makes the look feel a little more boyish, a little tougher. But we have to remember this is after all a Versace girl – she’s still going to be sexy no matter what, and the two textures in the look – I used a little hardwear 16 gel in front for higher shine than the lengths – play on this boyish-yet-feminine idea. Though even with the addition of this decidedly rock n’ roll element, the style is overall still very sexy, very glamorous, very Dontatella – all the things that will always stand for Versace.”  -Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Photos by Charles Sykes for Redken

Create the Look:

1. Apply satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion to damp hair and blow-dry for a smooth straight look with large round brush.

“I didn’t use a flat iron on this look as it’s not supposed to be stick straight, but it’s not a big bouncy blow-out either.” -Guido

2. Create a clean deep left side part with a tail comb, then tuck the left side behind the ear and clip in place to set.

3. Apply a small amount of hardwear 16 super strong gel to the hair starting at the forehead and along the part and then combing the right section slightly up and back into shape.

4. Remove the clip on the left side and finish the style by applying forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to a comb and then lightly combing over style to keep fly-away’s at bay and create a smooth, glossy finished look.

Hair like Sasha Fierce on your wedding day

Beyonce’s jaw-dropping Super Bowl halftime show look required a balance between flirtatious, staying and glam power. These waves would be perfect for your beach destination wedding.  They are stylish, free-flowing and lush.  To create the right hairstyle for her fierce performance on Superbowl Sunday, Beyonce turned to beauty expert and entrepreneur Kim Kimble for help.beyonceknowles-467

The 31-year-old “Crazy in Love” singer’s hair guru revealed “four key items” she used to create Beyonce’s look.

1. Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Serum ($12.99)
2. Natural Bamboo Grooming Brush by Kimble Hair Care ($21.96)
3. Curling Iron
4. Elnett Holding Spray (L’Oreal, $14.99)

“To create Beyonce’s soft glam look, I began by creating a deep middle part in Beyonce’s hair,” Kimble told Us. “I then used the curling wand and began to curl her hair in a vertical pattern.”

“Once I completed curling her hair into the desired curl pattern, I gently brushed the curls out by using a natural bamboo grooming brush by Kimble Hair Care,” she explained. “This created a really nice finger-wave pattern.”

To smooth out the look, Kimble used the Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry Serum by Kimble Hair Care

“This refined the curl pattern ensuring a seamless finish,” she said. “Lastly, I used Elnett Holding Spray by L’Oreal to set the look and the result will be glam, soft, bold and Beyonce.”

Original post seen in US Weekly. Some changes mine but facts of the style remain the same.