Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior couture Fall 2013

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a slick chignon for the Fall 2013 Christian Dior show. The hairstyle had a hint of1950’s, but the wet-looking finish took it from mod to modern, helping to define the more refined looks we’ve been seeing from Christian Dior with Raf Simons now at the helm.

“We’re seeing a lot of shine in looks this season – dry super-matte hair feels a bit flat to me, and shine helps breath life into a look. This chignon is tough, slick and powerful – the Redken control addict 28 hairspray used today is very high hold for a fairly hard finish, and the look is overall very elegant. The texture is what adds an element to an otherwise very uptown look – the glossy shine here makes it look like she was caught in the rain, or out all night, and adds a sexy, even slightly melancholy element. It is certainly a little bit of a 1950’s look I suppose, but that’s not really my inspiration- it’s more about doing what’s right for Raf and what’s right for this collection.”

-Guido, Redken Creative Consultantdior dior1 dior2

Create the look:

1. Apply guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam to damp hair section by section from roots to end.

2.  Partially blow-dry only the front section of the hair, pulling up from the roots with your fingers as you dry to give the style height at the crown. Leave the lengths of the hair damp and continue to style.

3. Using your fingers, part hair slightly off-center with your fingers.

4. Take the top section of the hair that you blow-dried and clip off to the side.

5. Gather the rest of the hair into a high ponytail, secure with an elastic, and then twist into small chignon, pinning flat to the head as you twist.

6. Unclip the front section and separate into two on the left and right side of the part. Pull the left section back into the chignon wrapping it around and pinning as you go. Repeat with the right-side section.

7. Spray entire style with a generous amount of forceful 23
super strength finishing spray.


Topshop Launching The First Ever Live ‘Customization Of The Catwalk’ London Fashion Week

Topshop has developed its most advanced immerse and engaging social experience for its Topshop Unique Spring Summer 2013 London Fashion Week show 

“This show is all about the customer and creating what we call ‘social entertainment’ around our product. We want to take the energy and the excitement of our iconic Oxford street store to millions of people all over the world through It’s social, it’s commerce and it’s entertainment all rolled into one.’’
Justin Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer – Topshop

For the first time ever viewers will be able to ‘customize the catwalk’ giving users the ability to change the colour of selected key looks and accessories and share them the moment they hit the runway or order them instantly with delivery 3 months ahead of industry lead times.

The whole experience is built around allowing viewers to personalize the show and share those moments with their friends. Everything from the music to the clothes to the beauty can be purchased and shared across every platform, channel and device.

Topshop partnered with facebook’s in house engineers to develop ‘shoot the show’ a camera button placed on the corner of the live-stream and on demand version will allow users to click and capture their favorite looks from the show as if they were sitting in the front row, effortlessly enabling the content to reach hundreds of millions of people.

“Fashion enthusiasts are sharing the things they love on Facebook now more than ever. This is where the conversation happens, its among friends and its where great brands need to engage. Topshop clearly understand this, they are a cool young brand with a deep understanding of their customers, and by developing the innovative ‘shoot the show’ functionality with Facebook, they are enabling millions of people globally to share their favorite moments instantly with their friends.”
Joanna Shields, VP & MD – Facebook

Additionally all the beauty products used on the Topshop Unique girl will be available to buy immediately with delivery in 48 hours alongside styling tips and tutorials replicating the experience of our physical instore nail bars digitally.

Music will be available to download on from itunes both during and after the show.

For those who follow us on twitter @Topshop is challenging fans to review the collection in 140 characters on the day, in what it has branded the ‘Tweet off’. The best tweet will be chosen with the winner given vip tickets to the next show. All tweets will be broadcast live on




NYFW: Second collection By Mischa adds whimsy to your garden party

Emerging British designer Misha Vaidya of By Misha unveiled her Spring/Summer 2013 collection “Wishing Well” in presentation at a whimsical garden tea party. Models’ were transformed into stems as flowing chiffon, satin and brocade in shades of honeysuckle, mint, marmalade and crème brûlée mirrored the delicate petals of flowers. The twelve-piece collection was shown on models spread across four platforms, all placed in front of floor to ceiling windows at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  This provided an opportunity to truly see the design as well as the quality of materials used.

How refreshing to see a designer – a young designer whose finger is on the youthful-pulse of her audience.  Misha’s designs weren’t so “adult” as to look like she was trying too hard, nor to “young” that wouldn’t appeal to young ladies from 18-30.  These were outfits that were wearable and fun.  If you are a young bride, there is one dress in the collection that is called “White Rose” that is simply beautiful.  The Cream full-length fitted strapless gown shows off your curves. It has a curved satin top and low scooped back.  The sequin waist band, adds just enough sparkle and it’s beautiful layered chiffon detailing adds to it’s chic appeal.

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Watching the world with glittering eyes and hopes of turning each star into a constellation.  The use of Charmeuse and layer-upon-layer of chiffon, leave you feeling light as air. The “Wishing Well” collection suggests…” Legend has it that hidden deep within a forgotten meadow is a magical well, waiting for the most special of secrets to be discovered. What’s your wish?”

Misha offers romantically sophisticated couture women swear. Wishing Well is the most recent of Misha’s three collections, keeping with her brand’s niche of whimsical, feminine designs complimented by understated grace. By Misha will be available for purchase now on and I Like What You’re Wearing.

For more information:

Photo’s by Jorge Suarez

Lady Mary Charteris marries Robbie Furze in creation that Gaga would love

Ok….So I’m not one to tell you what you should wear for your wedding but I’d hope…you might have second thoughts if the designer’s most famous customer was…Lady Gaga.

Lady Mary Charteris (the “Lady” connection) a 24-year-old aristocrat decided that instead of choosing a traditional bridal gown she would have her gown designed just for her.  Pam Hogg, a designer for Lady Gaga designed the cutaway detailed sheer sleeved top with tulle skirt, floral headpiece and yes, even her shoes.  This dress certainly assured that all eyes were on the bride when she married Robbie Furze, front-man of The Big Pink. In addition Ms. Hogg designed couple’s bridemaids and pageboy attire, who were also dressed in unusual blue outfits that featured capes and floral headpieces.

Hmmm, I love those wild and crazy Brits.   Pam is holding the dress so it doesn’t get dirty before she says “I do”. Would you wear something like this??

Comme des Garçons taps Rei Kawakubo for White Drama bridal couture

Rei Kawakubo’s cryptic clue for her new Comme des Garçons collection “White drama” was exactly what the show was. It tracked a progression through life’s dramatic way stations: birth, marriage, death and transcendence. In most traditions, “white” is considered the color associated with all of life’s moments. Some were as obvious: the duchesse satin for a wedding dress or the lace of a christening gown or the white flowers covering as if it were a death shroud. In this case for Kawakubo his primary focus was bridal.  No matter this collection was interesting and truly a state of mind.

Several of the brides appeared wearing white go-go boots that were a throw back to the 1960’s. However there was duchess-satin, tulle, crochet yards of lace and dozens of silk roses throughout the collection.  The one thing in most instances absent…the hands of the models.  They were hidden by extremely long trumpet sleeves or trapped inside of a cape – almost straightjacket like. The image was truly of a women willingly walking toward ritualized helplessness. Interestingly enough Adrian Joffee (Rei’s husband and business partner) suggests the collection is “Everything that makes you happy and sad in life.”

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How interesting that some see marriage as a birth of a new life, while others see it as a death…of their past. No matter, Rei Kawakubo’s 2012 show provided some interesting elements; a cape, the white boots, perhaps the veils that a very modern bride might find interesting and would be bold enough to wear.

Suzie Turner is heating up US bridal couture

Couturier Suzie Turner started her own business at 17 and quickly became known within the industry; with her insistence on only the finest fabrics from the farthest corners of the globe gaining her notoriety for never settling for second best.

Much of Suzie Turner’s work is unique in process as well as original in style, her head strong self-taught creativity has led her to challenge convention and develop techniques absolutely exclusive to the house of Suzie Turner.

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All of Suzie’s work is timeless, not only does it inspire and enhance a sense of self and style that is wholly personal to the client but also holds an unquestionable longevity within any collection and is equally at home at red carpet event’s in Los Angeles or New York runway as it is gracing life’s personal adventures and explorations.

Her exquisite bridal gowns and outfits for special occasions range from intimate private functions, to red carpet events.

A new Queen at McQueen: Sarah Burton rules

When a design force dies, it’s easy to see how the collection can die a slow death.  What you need is a strong and talented right-hand to step in, take the reigns and continue to move forward.  Enter Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, a woman who isn’t running away from the pressure-she is in fact, racing towards it.

Her latest collection entitled “The Ice Queen and her Court” was fittingly held at La Conciergerie, Marie Antoinettes former prison.  While the theme cast one image, the designs created another.  In the end the blend was considered “heritage silhouettes.”

This Fall 2011 collection had strong Elizabethan influences.  Ruffle accents and leather paneling, to furs and feathers to whimsical plumes of lace.  You got the feeling that there was a new “Queen” in the house and she was doing it her way, while keeping true to the brand.

Some have speculated that if Alexander McQueen had been alive, he might not have designed Duchess Catherine’s now famous gown.  If you were lucky enough to enjoy the McQueen exhibit in NYC, I think this might be true.  His clothes, even those that had a ‘fairy-quality’ to them…were ‘heavy and ‘dark.’  His reputation was being a true rebel and his clothes reflected. 

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Regardless, Sarah may have officially burst onto the scene, known as the ‘designer to Catherine’, but I say that she has talent and these dresses are befitting the Princess bride that you are.  Hmmm…I’m beginning to hear rumor that Sarah will have a bridal division.  If these designs are any indication, I’m sure it will be a smashing success.