NYFW smells sweeter with the new Mercedes Benz Womens Fragrance

Twice a year, NYC becomes “Fashion Central”. Everyone wants to attend NYFW…but so few have the opportunity.  It’s almost become a fight to the finish to get one of the elusive tickets. Why… because its more than a luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz is a name that signifies belonging.  Belonging to a certain world. Sharing a lifestyle. A life dedicated to style. Sharing habits, outlooks and preferences; the electrifying ambiance of back stage. Limited access. Private entry. Exclusivity. It’s a brand at the cutting edge of the trend, the heart of the vortex. mer03.03com-3-mbpwo_trio_cmyk_090113

Mercedes-Benz Fragrance For Women is a status, no it’s an attitude.  The perfume is remarkably elusive, rich and sophisticated. Unique and decidedly different. When it pleases, it pleases enormously. All the qualities of a classic fragrance, all the signs of luxury. A fresh, powdery, floral perfume showcasing the creativity and modernity of the unusual accord of mimosa and violet. It opens brightly with a hint of bergamot to pique curiosity, softened by a peach so perfectly tangy it makes your mouth water. After the fresh top notes the composition moves into a delicate floral heart, a voluptuous, luxurious bouquet of mimosa-violet, rose and lily-of-the-valley, sustained by a deep silage of patchouli, white musk and vanilla.

Let’s not forget that the bottle that holds the fragrance also evokes an attitude.  This is a flacon with all gentle curves of a women’s body. The transparency lets light shine through the absolute smoothness of the bottle. The bottle provokes hand, eye and desire.  Just like fashion, the one who wears it…is chic and refined…totally in step with the changes of the world, yet makes her own choices, and depends on nothing nor anyone.

So even if you can’t attend a show (or for a lot of folks who say they are attending NYFW…when they are only going to the parties or lounges) you can at least smell like you belong.

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray – 90 ml – $90.00*

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray – 60 ml – $79.00*

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray – 30 ml – $67.00*

*Available at specialist perfume retailers

PitBull Man (and woman) fragrance inspired electric energy

image001Inspired by pulsating beats and electric lights illuminating each city, each night, Pitbull, the globally successful music icon and business entrepreneur, announces the launch of brand new scents for men and women, PITBULL Premier Fragrances. Take a trip around the world with these two new fragrances which embody the electric energy of each city and its nightlife with provocative and seductive notes that will last until sunrise.

PITBULL WOMAN This sexy, fun fragrance can be described in one word: vibrant. What a wonderful new fragrance to wear at your rehearsal dinner.

PITBULL MAN is an ultra-masculine, provocative, and seductive scent with signature notes of citrus and musk. This mix of notes created unmistakable confidence. Confidence is what you want your new bride to feel as you begin that journey together.

PITBULL MAN and PITBULL WOMAN are sold for a suggested retail price of $30 USD/1.0 oz., $45/1.7 oz., and $55 USD/3.4 oz. Available now exclusively on Amazon.com.

Billionaire Boyfriend by Kate Walsh or smell like one

Live the fantasy and let him spoil you with the second in Kate Walsh’s indulgent fragrance collection: Billionaire Boyfriend – a lavish, decadent expression of seduction and opulence. The brilliant and seductive note of black jasmine amber is at the heart of this intoxicating fragrance that opens up with succulent fruits of bergamot, tangerine and lush green leaves.  The scent then blooms into a provocative blend of black jasmine, velvet orchid, gardenia and patchouli flower and then golden amber notes finish the alluring and luxurious experience.

The bottle design was inspired by a special reserve vintage champagne bottle.  Beautifully tarnished, strong and elegant, the bottle is a true reflection of luxury and opulent style.

 Blended with only the rarest, most sought-after ingredients and housed in a timeless and sophisticated bottle – Billionaire Boyfriend plunges straight into the heart of its wearer, connecting with their lustful and lavish desires.

 NEW Billionaire Boyfriend is now available at all Sephora stores nationwide. Visit www.sephora.com and www.hsn.com starting NOW!

A new dimension of sensualty with Sen7 fragrance atomizer

sen7 fragrance atomizer is a completely new accessory and so unique it is.  This refillable fragrance atomizer allows you to carry your favorite fragrance around with you.  Whether dining out, on a business trip, to the gym or a quick spritz before you walk down the aisle.  Because good things come in small packages, this smooth as a pebble product fits snugly in your hand and can fit in the tightest pants pocket or smallest purse.  It fills quickly, easily and you can change your scent as often as you like. It’s easy to clean with just a bit of rubbing alcohol before you transfer a new scent.  Along with many fun colors, they have some that range from muted, to holiday ‘kisses’, to putting a diamond on it.  You can mix/match the tops and bottoms which is great if you’re trying to match your wedding colors.  Great price point (about $38) this is a gift for your entire bridal party.

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Joya makes perfect scents for your wedding day

JOYA presents 3 herbaceous items that are perfect for the man in your life.

JOYA Composition No. 6 from our FvsS: Parfums collection is a musky, green, herbal fragrance perfume oil with no alcohol added, which means no aggressive citrus blast–but rather a clean, subtle fragrance that reacts to your body’s chemistry and changes throughout the day. Each practical 10ml roll-on is $28 and made in New York City.

The collection also includes classic, hand-cut bar soaps made of olive, coconut and palm oil. Also available in the mysterious JOYA Composition No. 6 fragrance, the stunning black soap comes gift boxed with a faceted, slipcast porcelain tray that is made in New York City as well and retails for $48.

Finally, JOYA’s Gunpowder Green Tea candle is poured into a black porcelain container with a skull and swords illustration. The scent is inspiring, with notes of shiso tea leaf, white mint, cape jasmine, lily and sicilian lemon. Candle retails for $48.