Carolina Herrera Resort 2012 is a knock-out

“This collection embraces the mood that feels right for today–light in spirit and fabrics, strong in color and never ever too serious,” wrote Carolina Herrera in her Resort 2012 notes.  Mrs. Herrera debuted this beautiful airy collection in shades of lilac, persimmon, and crimson. There were gowns galore, of course–pleated, ruffled, and draped with rigor–patterned with tiny red mushrooms, abstract floral watercolor, bubbles, or blown out irregular polka dots.  In other words…simply Carolina.

This season, she took it to another level, riffing on her signatures to “embrace how a woman of today lives.” What does that mean?  It’s the black and white eyelet gown that is in fact, wide-leg culottes which I love!! Or the multi-colored confetti “skirt” paired with a silky tee. There were also updated Herrera classics like capris, satin cocktail dresses, knit tees, and wool cardis. The result was a collection brimming with retail-ready pieces fit for morning meetings, midnight soirees, and everything in between.

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If I had a wish, it would be to be a perfect size 8 so I can be in Herrera morning, noon and night.

Five days and counting….I need a royal dress.

Dear Lisa,

There is so much going on that I have had a tough time of keeping it all in order.  I wish everyone truly understood that this is not only an important time for me, but also extremely stressful.  Everyone has his or her opinion on what should happen, how it should happen and it’s timed down to the last second.  I think my planner even has my bathroom moments timed.

I need to take a moment and really search for my dress.  I actually have a good idea about the style I want and actually want to design it myself.  Is that simply crazy??  I also know that I want two more party dresses to change.  One for the family reception and then one for the real party with our friends that evening.  I also think that since we are now planning a breakfast the next morning with family and friends, I need yet one more outfit.

Yes there are just five days until our wedding, but I know that it will come together….I think.



Dear Kate,

Let’s take it one at a time.  Remember first, you must breathe.  I’ve seen more than one bride (and a few grooms) topple over because they get so stressed that they forget to take a moment to relax.  Secondly, this is your wedding – you and Will.  Nothing will happen before you both arrive so if you’re a few moments late…so be it!  Just don’t ‘be 30 minutes or more because that would be rude.

Communication with Will is extremely key at this time.  This is your partner and the person that you are saying (and he to you) that you want to spend the rest of your life with.  That means that you can discuss everything and truly share the stresses of this time with each other.  If he is a good guy, he’ll do his best to help you and you know what, I’m sure he’s a bit stressed as well.  If you can, why not take a few hours for a date?  Go to lunch, hang out in the park, go for a couples massage or take in a funny movie.  Just the two of you – away from all the prying eyes.  Connect and remember this: The Wedding is one day….the Marriage begins after the party stops.

I was wondering if you had your dress yet.  After just coming back from bridal market in NYC a few weeks ago, there are so many designers that have beautiful gowns.  There is Sassi Holsford, Temperly, Jasper Conran and Jenny Packham who are among my favorite British designers and who could absolutely design for the church or your receptions and parties.

There are also several other designers who have a princess like theme this year and I think they would be lovely for any of your wedding dresses.  Some of my favorites include Monique Lhuillier, St. Pucchi, Reem Acra, Claire Pettibone and of course Carolina Herrera.  A relatively new bridal designer, but he’s dressed lots of A-list celebrities, is Kevan Hall Priscilla of Boston has five separate lines under their umbrella that are beautiful, but Vintage line is my favorite for its chic, sophisticated yet youthful feel.  If you truly wanted to help design your own gown, you should set up an appointment with Amsale, Alfred Angelo, and Reem Acra who I know are always happy to collaborate with a bride that wants to help design their own gown.

Remember to breathe and all will be well.


In bloom during NY Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

This is the one show that I was both honored and floored to attend. To be in a room of well-heeled women and celebrities, most were wearing the designer and wearing it well.  I sat next to a woman whose husband, a senior level V.P. at IMG gave her strict orders to look, but not buy one single new piece from the collection.

Carolina Herrera’s collection was in full bloom.  Inspired by 18th century botanicals, prints and appliqués along with Korean sashes were a perfect blend of ooooh!  The very broad hats and hand painted and silk screened flowers brightened up the most classic pant and dress.  Frankly, there is no reason not to be happy and walk with a bounce in your step with this collection.  Then again, it is Carolina Herrera.

Of course there was the collection of signature ball-gown skirts and this year with a paper-bag waist line/simple shirt was one my favorites.  This was absolutely her year. Carolina Herrera was honored as the “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer. This is presented to the one designer who is recognized for their use of quality materials, unique style and innovative design. “To be recognized in such an important year in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week history, is without question, a wonderful honor,” says Herrera.

At the end of the show, I asked my seat companion if she would keep her promise.  She simply laughed and said “I promised I wouldn’t by one thing….I see at least four I must have”.  Lucky lady!

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Color Trends: Jasmine, White, Hibiscus, Beige, Metallic, Sesame Black, Olive Tansy, Lotus, Aster, Blossom, Mellon, Oriental Blue Floral, Lime, Porcelain And Black

Fabric Trends: Oxford Twill, Double Pleat, Jacquard Book Folds, Leather, Canvas, Printed Jacquard, Wool Twill, Silk, Sequin, Sesame Canvas, Organza Cord

Style Trends: Wrap Jacket/Skirt/Shirt, Single Fold Pleats, Aikido Pant, Double Korean Bow, Pencil Skirt, Sequin Embroidered Belt, Multi-Fold Dress W/Sash, Korean Cocoon Dress, Empire Waist