2012 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Couple on your list

A gift for the couple can be a single offering or one that offers double benefits.

A luxurious chenille blanket by Pottery Barn or the Simply Vera Wang blanket at Kohls are both great deals.

Wantful Gift book is the gift that keeps giving.  You answer a few questions about the giftee, pick what’s in your budget, and they will curate a personalized catalog out of their vast selection.  Once you present your gift, the recipient get s to choose the one they like best. Priceless.

You need a good pen to sign your wedding certificate and for all those thank you notes you’ll have to write. These birch wood pens by Natural Designs Woodturning are beautiful and will make writhing those thank you notes a pure pleasure

A new relationship and home needs a stylish key chain.  Get one monogrammed by Moon and Lola or one that are whimsy but come in a little blue box with a white ribbon. Everyone loves Tiffany’s.

You didn’t think we could get through 2012 without one mention to “Fifty Shades” did you.  Well if your favorite couple loves to cook “Fifty Shades of Chicken(or bacon or an assortment of other food products), has over 50 “breast-to-thigh” recipes that will turn things up in your kitchen.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Wine and food wednesday

Food glorious food..and don’t forget the wine.  I don’t know a person who will turn it away and with these offerings, you’ll be the best gift-giver ever. Here are some great gift items for the foodie in your life.

Cutting boards by Edward Wohl are crafted by joining sections from a single piece of specially selected, figured bird’s-eye maple, so the wood tone and figuring are consistent throughout. Each is precision-shaped and hand-beveled for graceful shape and balance. Individually hand-sanded and finished to a sensual silkiness, each board is an art

La Maison du Chocolate dark truffles are always a hit.

If there is a cook in the house, Dean and Deluca, Eataly or Beechers have just about anything your favorite cook would love.

One Hope Wine is a company with a heart.  A portion of their profits go to charity.  Look for some great Chardonnay and Merlot to add to your holiday cheer.

Everyone should have a Corkcicle in his or her house.  There is no need for an ice bucket to keep your wine cool.  Just put it in your wine and in minutes it will be perfectly chilled.

While in Mexico this summer, I tried Milagro Select Reserve Tequila and it simply changed my thoughts about a sipping Tequila What makes it even better is the bottle is simply stunning.

Popcorn Holiday Crate has four flavors and while that should be reason enough to love it…it’s hulless so no picking it out of your teeth. Popped in extra-virgin olive oil it’s not only good to eat, it’s healthier than most.

Whether the person you want to thank is your neighbor who throws a great party, or your postal worker who delivers the mail with a smile, there is no other way to share the ‘Joy of Thank You’ than with a box of Merci chocolates. Each box of Merci includes a delicious selection of rich, European chocolates made from the finest ingredients.  This year I’m particularly thankful for good health, great friends and new beginnings in 2013.  What are you thankful for?? Flavors range from Milk Chocolate, Cream Truffle and Hazelnut-Almond to Dark Cream and Praline-Crème and are truly scrupulous.

Don’t you hate looking for the right knife for your cheese platter? This set of stainless-steel cheese knifes will take care of that problem in no time and it’s a great price at Target.

One of my favorite companies that carries everything from cork screws to customized wine cabinets, Wine Enthusiast. This holiday season, they have over 1,000 gift ideas for your favorite lover of wine.  I particularly love the Ravi Instant Chiller.  This allows you to pour wine or vodka through a frozen chamber to give it a chill instantly.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the men in your life

I love men and think that as much consideration in your gift should be given as what is given to women.  Here are some new and possibly creative gift ideas for the man in your life.  There are even a few at such a great price, your groomsmen will appreciate them too.

Guys hate fingerprints just as much as girls do and Swipe Ties know this.  These silk ties have a microfiber lining attached in the back so your guy can look great and shine up his phone or tablet at the same time.  Who said chic men can’t multitask?

If your guy travels, this mini Shave Tech Travel razor is a great gift.  The same size as a small cell phone, it not only fits in your shaving kit, you can stash it in your car or your desk.  Best yet, it comes with a USB attachment for those brilliant moments that have to be saved.

I love a good pair of cuff links and keeping them all together can be like finding socks.  That’s why a beautiful monogrammed box by Graphic Image for them is a perfect gift.

If you’re just looking for a single pair of cufflinks in a great French-styled presentation, then Watson Kennedy is your company.

A gift all the guys will surely love is this “Suds Connoisseur set” by Riedel This set makes sure that each beer is in it’s proper glass assuring you experience that “from the bar” down to the last drop.

If your guy has a drawer filled with mix-matched socks…maybe it’s time he gets some new ones – fun ones.  Mack Weldon is the answer to jazz up any outfit from the knees down.   SharpMen  also has cotton dress socks that you can wear at the office while keeping it fun with Crazy & unique patterns on the lower part of your socks. The patterns are only visible when you take your shoes making them work-friendly. Find a design you love and feel free to rock these amazing socks anywhere, anytime.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty is as beauty does

The holidays are upon us and that means parties.  Of course you want to look your best and these companies will help you on your “merry” way.

Color Daze Blockbluster master kit has 64 eye shadows, 12 eyeliners, 48 lip glosses and there are blushes all packaged in a beautiful box set.  There are enough options and variations to make even the pickiest diva happy.

Molton Brown is always a best bet for the guy or girl in your life.  Their Black Pepper scent is one of their best sellers and while in the “men’s” section…you’ll see a lot of women hoping it’s in their holiday stocking.

A new must have brand Julep has some of the best nail varnishes around.  A limited edition holiday box has 12, all toxin-free and a beautiful array in every color of the rainbow.

This is a perfect stocking stuffer.  The stylish Sonic Toothbrush by VIOLight is a perfect portable sonic toothbrush that can fit in your pocket or pocketbook. In a ton of stylish colors and patterns, I’m sure there is one that matches your wedding décor.

While we share the same last name, I’m not a part of this company  but I am a BIG Fan!  Beautiful sensual scents, from lotions to bubble baths, Barr Co. has beautiful packaging and one whiff, you’ll be hooked.

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection is the ideal gift for any brow-fanatic.  Dedicated to perfecting brows, Joey Healy has created five luxe products to streamline brow maintenance: The Luxe Brow Powders – ideal for softly filling in eyebrows with natural definition; Brow Architect Stylos – fully retractable, waterproof pencil that creates definition, shape and structure to brows; Duo Brow Brush – ideal for applying the Luxe Brow Powder; Brow Structure Clear Set – transparent gel that provides definition while setting brow hair in place, all day; and the Brow Renovation Serum – a unique, paraben-free formula that stimulates growth and thickens hair follicles and promotes growth.



2010 Bridal holiday gift guide

Ok, so you may have had a blast (or avoided) Black Friday, or taken to your keyboard (or decided it was time to hand-write all day) for Cyber Monday.  No matter what you did, the holidays and growing number of newly engaged couples are just around the corner. Here are some of my holiday gift ideas for the bride, bridal party and even the mom’s.  I hope you enjoy them.

Joya perfume

Joya’s first foray into artisanal fine fragrance worked out wonderfully with ceramic artist Sarah Cihat to create two beautiful bottles filled with equally beautiful fragrances.  These so beautiful and a wonderful gift to the bride – is the handcrafted porcelain (Black is Comp #6 and White is Comp #5) bottle and 22k gold dipped wand.  Luxury by any other name wouldn’t be as sweet.

Don't you LOVE this bottle. The parfum is delish!

Peggy’s Holiday Collection

Utilizing chains with shimmer and stones with saturated color, these pieces convey a sense of luxury and richness found during this festive time of year. I think some of these would be lovely gifts for the bridal party as well as perhaps something special for your future mother (and sister) in law.  Prices range from $39 to $220. The Holiday Collection is available on her website.

With so many to choose, you can pick a different one for every girl

Azuri Luxury

Azuri is my new favorite line of wraps, shawls and scarves created from the finest natural fabrics including silk, chiffon, wool, pashmina, cashmere, charmeuse, organic cotton, linen and bamboo. The Azuri range is perfect anytime but especially for brides and bridal parties as the wraps and shawls provide warmth, and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.  Remember just because you’re having an island destination wedding, it does get chilly.  Honestly, these are just perfect anytime for anyone.  They have over 110 color options, so there is a color for everyone.

Wrap your girls up in comfort

Mar  Y Sol

Speaking of destination weddings, these cute and colorful clutches are a great accent for the bridal party and ideal for a tropical island setting!  Mar Y Sol has tons on their website including some that are more ‘beachy’ if that’s the look you’re going for.

Great clutch esp for beach weddings


Tomorrow there will be lots more, so come back and see what else I have for your shopping pleasure.