2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the men in your life

I love men and think that as much consideration in your gift should be given as what is given to women.  Here are some new and possibly creative gift ideas for the man in your life.  There are even a few at such a great price, your groomsmen will appreciate them too.

Guys hate fingerprints just as much as girls do and Swipe Ties know this.  These silk ties have a microfiber lining attached in the back so your guy can look great and shine up his phone or tablet at the same time.  Who said chic men can’t multitask?

If your guy travels, this mini Shave Tech Travel razor is a great gift.  The same size as a small cell phone, it not only fits in your shaving kit, you can stash it in your car or your desk.  Best yet, it comes with a USB attachment for those brilliant moments that have to be saved.

I love a good pair of cuff links and keeping them all together can be like finding socks.  That’s why a beautiful monogrammed box by Graphic Image for them is a perfect gift.

If you’re just looking for a single pair of cufflinks in a great French-styled presentation, then Watson Kennedy is your company.

A gift all the guys will surely love is this “Suds Connoisseur set” by Riedel This set makes sure that each beer is in it’s proper glass assuring you experience that “from the bar” down to the last drop.

If your guy has a drawer filled with mix-matched socks…maybe it’s time he gets some new ones – fun ones.  Mack Weldon is the answer to jazz up any outfit from the knees down.   SharpMen  also has cotton dress socks that you can wear at the office while keeping it fun with Crazy & unique patterns on the lower part of your socks. The patterns are only visible when you take your shoes making them work-friendly. Find a design you love and feel free to rock these amazing socks anywhere, anytime.

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