2012 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Couple on your list

A gift for the couple can be a single offering or one that offers double benefits.

A luxurious chenille blanket by Pottery Barn or the Simply Vera Wang blanket at Kohls are both great deals.

Wantful Gift book is the gift that keeps giving.  You answer a few questions about the giftee, pick what’s in your budget, and they will curate a personalized catalog out of their vast selection.  Once you present your gift, the recipient get s to choose the one they like best. Priceless.

You need a good pen to sign your wedding certificate and for all those thank you notes you’ll have to write. These birch wood pens by Natural Designs Woodturning are beautiful and will make writhing those thank you notes a pure pleasure

A new relationship and home needs a stylish key chain.  Get one monogrammed by Moon and Lola or one that are whimsy but come in a little blue box with a white ribbon. Everyone loves Tiffany’s.

You didn’t think we could get through 2012 without one mention to “Fifty Shades” did you.  Well if your favorite couple loves to cook “Fifty Shades of Chicken(or bacon or an assortment of other food products), has over 50 “breast-to-thigh” recipes that will turn things up in your kitchen.

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