De Beers helps you create De Bomb Engagement Ring

Everyday you read about someone else “putting a ring on it.” Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Emily Maynard, Gabrielle Union, and Robin Wright are all sporting stunning diamond rings from their sweethearts. For those of planning engagements and hunting for our own bling, De Beers Diamond Jewelers is introducing an exclusive in-store service called For You, Forever that allows for full customization using the De Beers treasure chest of diamonds. Guided by De Beers Brand Ambassadors, the For You, Forever iPad application has 10 settings, 6 diamond cuts, and over 2,000 loose diamonds to choose from. This equates to over half a million variations. With For You, Forever the possibilities are truly endless.

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For You, Foreverenables effortless comparison of styles and diamonds. Customers can shop according to carat weight to suit not only their each preference but also their budgets.  For example, recreate Olivia Palermo’s stunning yellow diamond ring in a more modest carat weight or setting. Thanks to De Beers For You, Forever,we can all have paparazzi worthy engagement rings!

The De Beers ring will truly be yours, individually crafted for you, forever.

De Beers ring application helps you choose your ring with ease

There is a new Diamond Jeweler application in town. De Beers Diamond Jewellers has launched their new Bridal iPad and iPhone app. Complimenting the De Beers website, this new app is available in five different languages worldwide so no matter where you are, you’ll understand.

This marks an important step for De Beers Diamond Jewelers. “It is a truly immersive experience that brings our engagement rings and bridal jewelry to light – with beautiful images and bespoke content from diamond jewelry experts. We see it as the definitive diamond wedding jewelry information resource, expressing our role as the diamond mentor for consumers,” said Francois Delage CEO De Beers Diamond Jewelers.

The new De Beers application is the ultimate, innovative mobile destination that helps you discover the perfect diamond jewelry for this important moment in your life. Through engaging and inspiring content, it allows you to search for the perfect De Beers engagement ring, as well as matching wedding bands and complimentary wedding day jewelry.

There is an exclusive selection of videos offering expert advice on how to choose the best ring for you, truly at the touch of your fingertips. Best of all, it tells you where the nearest store location to you is and will help arrange an appointment for you to try on. Of course it also features beautiful images that let you play around with and are easy to share through email, twitter and of course Facebook.

Love this!

Does your guy want an engagement ring? The Knot and Men’s Health seem to think yes

Recently and Men’s Health co-branded proposal and engagement survey of 1,400 engaged couples. They discussed everything from picking the ring, to who is now wearing engagement rings to social media.

In the midst of prime proposal season when more than half a million men plan to “pop the question,” this one-of-a-kind survey, featured exclusively on and, asked more than 1,400 men and women engagement questions that reveal everything from how brides feel about the ring to how much their sex life has changed (or not!) since becoming engaged.

“This survey goes inside the minds of men and women to show exactly what they’re thinking and expecting during one of life’s most crucial and thrilling moments,” says Carley Roney, editor in chief of “We found that sex lives for engaged couples are increasing, men are open to wearing an engagement ring themselves, and women really want to show off their bling to everyone in their social network.”

Sex Lives Have Increased Since Becoming Engaged. Love is in the air for many couples…and in between the sheets! 20% of men surveyed on and 18% of brides surveyed on said their sex lives have increased since becoming engaged. Surprisingly, however, almost half of brides (48%) and 43% of men said they did NOT celebrate with sex on the night of their engagement.

Men Want to Sport Some Bling Too! Ladies, don’t be surprised if your man asks for a ring: 17% of men surveyed said women shouldn’t be the only ones to wear a ring before marriage and that they’d rock a “man-gagement” ring. What woman wouldn’t want other ladies to know her man was off the market?

Carat Size AND Quality Matter to Brides. Guys, take note but I’m sure you know this already. Quality of the ring is important, but don’t forget about the size of the bling! When asked how much carat size really matters, more than half (59%) of brides said both size and quality matter to them. When asked if they thought carat size matters to her, a whopping 76% of the men surveyed said, “No, she doesn’t care that much—quality over quantity!” Really guys?!

Brides Care What Friends and Family Think of Their Ring. Nearly one in four (22%) brides surveyed admitted that it matters what their friends and family think about the ring. Maybe the 44% of guys who chose the ring themselves should have enlisted some extra help from her side.

Not All Brides Love Their Ring. When asked if they thought their fiancée loved the ring, nearly all (98%) men said “yes,” yet 9% of brides actually didn’t love the ring. While 4% let their fiancé know how they felt, the other 5% didn’t have the heart to tell their fiancés!  Recently, a girl told her diamond dealer future husband that her engagement ring wasn’t big enough after she saw someone else’s ring…like did she think she wouldn’t get another diamond ever? I though that was a bit tacky, but that’s me. Oh yea…he changed it – but then again he could.

Tradition Reigns for Men. A massive 76% of men said it is essential to propose on bended knee, while only 48% of women agreed. Yet when it came to asking the parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage, men and women were pretty much on the same page, with 21% and 28%, respectively, saying it’s a do. For this writer…that is a must.

Brides Love to Post Their Rock on Facebook. Who’s more excited to show off the ring? Brides, with 57% saying “yes” to sharing their happy news on Facebook by posting a picture of their ring. Yet when asked what they thought, 22% of men said it’s tacky for their fiancée to post a pic of the ring. That might change when they start rockin’ theirs

Surprisingly, 12% of brides admitted that they posted a pic of the ring or changed their relationship status to “engaged” on Facebook before emailing and texting friends.

Is this a true trend, perhaps not. There will always be a few guys who may want to wear a ring but more importantly, I think it’s social media that takes center stage. The change of status OR even adding your future spouse on your facebook page is something that means a lot. To not add your partner on your page, when you have other members in that ‘family section’ will lead to trouble and feeling of  “you’re hiding something”. Trust me on this on.

Jacob & Co. help you ring in your special night

There are diamonds and then there are diamonds by Jacob & Co.  Many years ago, Jacob & Co., were known only as the jeweler for celebrities and while they still have a huge celebrity following, they also have some wonderful rings for the superstar in your life.  So if you are planning to ask your loved one this holiday season to share the rest of your life together; Jacob & Co. has the ring that will last a lifetime.

Cushion Cut 2.33ct. Diamond Engagement Ring in a Split Shank Mounting. Available in Platinum.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Engagement Ring Featuring 2.43ct. Emerald Cut Center, Flanked by Two Pear Shaped White Diamonds. Available in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold.

Ladies Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring 2.41ct. Emerald Cut Center, and Emerald Cut Side Stones. Available in Platinum.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, in a Micro-Pave Diamond Setting. Center is 2.24ct. Round Brilliant, Surrounded by White Diamond Pave. Available in Platinum.All of these beautiful rings can be customized making them truly one of a kind.