A new dimension of sensualty with Sen7 fragrance atomizer

sen7 fragrance atomizer is a completely new accessory and so unique it is.  This refillable fragrance atomizer allows you to carry your favorite fragrance around with you.  Whether dining out, on a business trip, to the gym or a quick spritz before you walk down the aisle.  Because good things come in small packages, this smooth as a pebble product fits snugly in your hand and can fit in the tightest pants pocket or smallest purse.  It fills quickly, easily and you can change your scent as often as you like. It’s easy to clean with just a bit of rubbing alcohol before you transfer a new scent.  Along with many fun colors, they have some that range from muted, to holiday ‘kisses’, to putting a diamond on it.  You can mix/match the tops and bottoms which is great if you’re trying to match your wedding colors.  Great price point (about $38) this is a gift for your entire bridal party.

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