PitBull Man (and woman) fragrance inspired electric energy

image001Inspired by pulsating beats and electric lights illuminating each city, each night, Pitbull, the globally successful music icon and business entrepreneur, announces the launch of brand new scents for men and women, PITBULL Premier Fragrances. Take a trip around the world with these two new fragrances which embody the electric energy of each city and its nightlife with provocative and seductive notes that will last until sunrise.

PITBULL WOMAN This sexy, fun fragrance can be described in one word: vibrant. What a wonderful new fragrance to wear at your rehearsal dinner.

PITBULL MAN is an ultra-masculine, provocative, and seductive scent with signature notes of citrus and musk. This mix of notes created unmistakable confidence. Confidence is what you want your new bride to feel as you begin that journey together.

PITBULL MAN and PITBULL WOMAN are sold for a suggested retail price of $30 USD/1.0 oz., $45/1.7 oz., and $55 USD/3.4 oz. Available now exclusively on Amazon.com.


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