A new Queen at McQueen: Sarah Burton rules

When a design force dies, it’s easy to see how the collection can die a slow death.  What you need is a strong and talented right-hand to step in, take the reigns and continue to move forward.  Enter Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, a woman who isn’t running away from the pressure-she is in fact, racing towards it.

Her latest collection entitled “The Ice Queen and her Court” was fittingly held at La Conciergerie, Marie Antoinettes former prison.  While the theme cast one image, the designs created another.  In the end the blend was considered “heritage silhouettes.”

This Fall 2011 collection had strong Elizabethan influences.  Ruffle accents and leather paneling, to furs and feathers to whimsical plumes of lace.  You got the feeling that there was a new “Queen” in the house and she was doing it her way, while keeping true to the brand.

Some have speculated that if Alexander McQueen had been alive, he might not have designed Duchess Catherine’s now famous gown.  If you were lucky enough to enjoy the McQueen exhibit in NYC, I think this might be true.  His clothes, even those that had a ‘fairy-quality’ to them…were ‘heavy and ‘dark.’  His reputation was being a true rebel and his clothes reflected. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Regardless, Sarah may have officially burst onto the scene, known as the ‘designer to Catherine’, but I say that she has talent and these dresses are befitting the Princess bride that you are.  Hmmm…I’m beginning to hear rumor that Sarah will have a bridal division.  If these designs are any indication, I’m sure it will be a smashing success.


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