Lady Mary Charteris marries Robbie Furze in creation that Gaga would love

Ok….So I’m not one to tell you what you should wear for your wedding but I’d hope…you might have second thoughts if the designer’s most famous customer was…Lady Gaga.

Lady Mary Charteris (the “Lady” connection) a 24-year-old aristocrat decided that instead of choosing a traditional bridal gown she would have her gown designed just for her.  Pam Hogg, a designer for Lady Gaga designed the cutaway detailed sheer sleeved top with tulle skirt, floral headpiece and yes, even her shoes.  This dress certainly assured that all eyes were on the bride when she married Robbie Furze, front-man of The Big Pink. In addition Ms. Hogg designed couple’s bridemaids and pageboy attire, who were also dressed in unusual blue outfits that featured capes and floral headpieces.

Hmmm, I love those wild and crazy Brits.   Pam is holding the dress so it doesn’t get dirty before she says “I do”. Would you wear something like this??

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