Redken Creative Consultant Guido simply sleek Reed Krakoff Fall 2013

Redken Creative Consultant Guido sent the models at the Reed Krakoff Fall 2013 show down the runway this afternoon with clean, rich blow-outs that complemented the designer’s polished, well-cut collection in a variety of rich textured materials from cashmere to leather. 

“I didn’t want this blow dry to feel too fresh or perfect, I wanted it to feel a little old, like it might be on the second day. It’s straight, but still with the memory of the shape [made by blowing drying with a round brush], so it feels luxurious but not in an obviously luxurious way. It’s a minimal idea for hair. Reed Krakoff is a newer New York designer who creates very modern styles, so there’s not a larger conic reference, and this hairstyle is thus really for a woman of today, and is more about a feeling than it is about a set style.” rk1 rk3 rk-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Create the Look:

  1. Wash hair using Diamond Oil shampoo and conditioner to start the style with clean, fresh hair.
  2. Create a messy center part.
  3. Section hair and blow-dry with a round brush, letting each section cool on the brush.
  4. Guido then blow-dried the hair again quickly once done and added powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo to the lengths, to create a more “lived in” texture and a matte finish.



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