NYFW14: Lela Rose whimsy hair by Ted Gibson

lelaroseLela expressed to Ted that her collection was inspired by fairy tales such as Brothers Grimm and Hansel and Gretel. She wanted mythical, magical hair to be walking down the runways, so not only did they create a fairytale finish but  also kept the actual process of creating the hairstyle sort of fanciful and magical as well.

They started by prepping the hair with Build It blow drying agent at the roots for volume and gave the models a quick round brush blowout. Next they took large sections of hair and tightly wrapped them in figure 8s around rods made from tin foil.

Next flat iron each rod. The metal conducts the heat and it sets the hair into a beautiful imperfect ethereal wave. Then sprayed the setting hair with Beautiful Hold hairspray for hold.

Finally, they took out the set, back combed the hair and gently pull it back (with fingers) into a twist above the nape of the neck. We then tuck it up and secure it with bobby pins.

To keep the fairytale hair grounded and ethereal we added a barrette to the top of the hairstyle and loosely pulled out a few pieces of hair in the front.

Is this whimsy look one that you would wear on your wedding day?

Information provided by BeautyPress.com


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