Room service for your hair with Hair Room Service team

At a “Get Gorgeous” event, I happened to meet the people from Hair Room Service.   Do you know them?  I could tell by the line that immediately formed as well as watching the before and seeing the after – WOW.  I knew that I had to find out more about this company and report it immediately to you.

This NY based company run by Michael Duenas and named “Best of NYC 2010”, has been recognized as one of the most luxurious beauty amenities for in-room salon appointments in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  This is the company that celebrities like Reese Witherpoon, Rashaida Jones, Mariah Carey, Sara Rue, the cast of Glee and others look to for fast, professional haircuts, blowouts personalized styling and more.

So imagine sitting in your hotel room and having your own personalized beauty styling team come to you on your wedding day.  This is an investment that will save you time and seriously reduces any wedding day stress. Isn’t that a luxury worth budgeting for?

For more information, or to book an appointment, call 866.222.7566 or visit them at or


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