Hair by Guido for Bottega Veneta and Lanvin make great bridal hair options

Fashion week always gives creative styles and those for your hair are no exception.  Redken’s creative consultant Guido has his hands full, creating chic and memorable styles for various designers.  Here are two styles that will work on the runway or your wedding aisle. 

Redken Creative Consultant Guido amped up the wet-shine look to give the hair a nighttime feel at Lanvin. Wet and greasy textures, which are now celebrated on the runway, give the hair a naturally cool finish that works seamlessly with Alber’s collection. The Lanvin updo might be a bit messy and wet, but the overall style glistens on the runway. hair3 hair4

“I wanted the hair to have a messy, wet-shine finish for Lanvin, because the show always feels like it takes place in a nighttime environment. The set design, lighting and smoke really create this illusion, so the hair needed to fit the evening atmosphere. If the hair had a dry finish, the look would feel too romantic. With a wet-shine finish, the hair takes on a very sexy, easy Lanvin feel.”

 Create the Look:

1.    Saturate damp hair with guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam

2.    Apply argan-6 oil multi-care oil for added shine

3.    Using fingers, rake hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic

4.    Twist ponytail into a messy chignon and secure with open fasteners

5.    Finish by applying generous amounts of shine flash 02 glistening mist and forceful 23 super strength finishing spray


Redken Creative Consultant Guido used extensions to add a twist on a classic ponytail. Once the extensions were in place, Guido used iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray and a flat iron to achieve the blunt straight finish at Bottega Veneta. hair hair1

The hair for Bottega Veneta is clean and sharp, which is a bit of a departure from previous seasons. In the past, the hairstyles were easier, softer and more natural. A sort of 90′s minimalism inspired me, so the hair is simple with blunt lines. Hair extensions were used to create a very long fake ponytail that resembles the same thickness and consistency of a horse’s tail. There is certainly an intended element of artificiality to the hair.”

Create the Look:

1.    Apply align 12 protective straightening lotion on damp hair

2.    Blow dry hair with natural bristle brush

3.    Comb hair back into a tight ponytail and fasten with an elastic

4.    Wrap hair extensions around the ponytail

5.    Spray iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray on ponytail

6.    Use a flat iron to make the hair stick straight

7.    Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the ponytail to conceal extensions

8.    Use pins to secure wrap

9.    Spray forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to clean up any flyaways

To locate a Redken salon please log on to Please note, Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon.

Photos by Greg Kessler for Redken

HSN Introduces spring collections Eureka by Christos Garkinos and Hal Rubenstein

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Eureka by Christos Garkinos is launching for the first time this month on HSN and Hal Rubenstein is returning with new styles, both lines exclusive with HSN.  It’s almost time to pack up our winter wardrobe and break out our print dresses, sleeveless tops and spring colors!


Eureka by Christos Garkinos: Christos will be live on HSN with Eureka by Christos Garkinos on March 20th. The collection offers women pieces that showcase her best assets in silhouettes that are form fitting, yet flattering in sizes ranging from XS to 3X and 4-16, 16W-42W from $49.90 to $119.90 (with a small accessory at $29.90.)


Hal Rubenstein: Hal will be live on HSN with Hal Rubenstein from March 20thto March 22nd with his namesake collection ranging in price from $39.90 – $299.90. Hal Rubenstein is about a woman presenting her best self to the world every day, as Hal would say “make an entrance”; the collection was designed to reflect her personal style and flatter her unique shape.


Mia Beauty for beauitful brides

Bridal season is just around the corner and finding new ways to style your hair can be a challenge.  Mia Beauty has created some delightful styles for fashion week that can easily be converted for your wedding day.

Get the Look: Mia Beauty Tonytail


Forget twisting and pinning hair around a ponytail, Mia Beauty has the easiest way to achieve the Vivienne Tam look with the Tonytail. Simply pick a shade that matches your hair color and use as you would a typical hair tie.miabeauty1 mia1


$8.00 each – available at Walgreens, Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond, ULTA and


Get the Look: Mia Beauty Bun Ease


Jenny Packham took the traditional “sock bun” and made it even more chic. To get the look, pull a ponytail through the Mia Beauty Bun Ease, unroll and simply tuck ends under. One the bun is in place, use your fingers to gently pull hair loose to get a tousled bun.mia2a mia2


$4.50 (Small), $5.00 (Medium), $6.00 (Large), $8.00 (Extra Large) – available at ULTA and



Get the Look: Mia Beauty Clip-n-Color


Hervé Léger took a futuristic, Avatar-like inspiration quite literally when it came to hair. To get this forward-thinking hair look, use Mia Beauty ‘s Clip-n-Color in Electric Blue and pull hair back into a high ponytail.mia3 miablue


$8.00 – available at Walgreens and


Get the Look: Mia Beauty Tony Pony


At Kate Spade, models sported a super-high pony, wrapped with black fabric for a subtle, yet chic addition. Mia Beauty’s Tony Pony, available in multiple colors and styles, can be velcroed over any pony to get the look.mia4 miapony


$8.00 – available at Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond, ULTA and


 Get the Look: Mia Beauty Frayed Bow


At the Nicole Miller show, models sported a faux-mohawk look braided with a black satin ribbon. With Mia Beauty’s Frayed Bow, ties can be woven through any braid and polished off with a bow.mia5 miabow


$15.00 – available at ULTA and 


 Get the Look: Mia Beauty EZ-Twist & Mia Beauty Bobby Pins in Clear Rhinestones


Lela Rose’s ladylike twisted hair is a modern take on the updo.  The Mia Beauty Ez-Twist assists in looping hair through from behind the ears to the nape of the neck. Use the Mia Beauty Bobby Pins in Clear Rhinestones to secure.mia6 mia6a


$7.00 – available at ULTA and / $8.00 (set of 2) – available at




Get the Look: Mia Beauty Tortoise Headband with Claws


A new twist on an old classic, use the Mia Beauty Tortoise Headband with Claws to achieve a similar look as models on the Helmut Lang runway. Wet hair and use a bit of gel to get the same piecey, pulled look.mia7 mia7a


$10.00 – available at







Happy National Drink Wine Day…today!

Did you know today is ‘National Drink Wine Day’ and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of your favorite vino?

Drync—the free mobile wine app that allows consumers to scan, track and purchase wine at the moment it is most relevant to them—while they are drinking it—can help wine drinkers everywhere prepare for this annual celebration with curated wine list recommendations and can even find and delivery your favorite wines right to your doorstep.

Likened to “Shazam for wine”, the full-featured wine discovery and e-commerce mobile app allows users to buy nearly any wine by simply snapping a photo of the label. The Drync app recognizes most wine labels within a few seconds, using state-of-the-art image recognition and a database of over 2.3 million label images. Users learn about their wine and may share, notate, and buy or gift for home delivery.

The free app, available on iOS and Android features:

  • Instant identification of over 1.7 million wines
  • Highly accurate image recognition technology, that works on wine bottle labels, as well as wine labels in magazines, billboards and on computer screens
  • Intuitive text search to find wines by name
  • Catalogue of 30,000 wines available for sale to consumers in 41 states
  • Simple, quick in-app checkout
  • Sharing wine activity with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Detailed wine information, including collaborative ratings, wine descriptions
  • Personal wine ratings and tasting notes that can be shared publicly, or kept private
  • Ability to submit unmatched labels for human curation
  • Professionally curated wine lists to help people discover new wines, featuring recommendations from top wine experts, such as Charles Antin, wine specialist and auctioneer at Christie’s NY, as well as hand-crafted lists of rare and unique wines in topical categories recommended by wine professionals.

So what are you waiting for…Cheers!!

NYFW: Men of the Gilded Age look chic thanks to Jenny Balding and Cutler/Redken


Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler Salon Stylist & Redken Grooming & Styling Expert, styled that hair at the Gilded Age FW14 Collection during New York Fashion Week.

“Edgar Allan Poe started an exploration of the heart of darkness that kick-started the art movement of symbolism, which inspired 20th-century surrealism, and, in turn, altered the direction of literature, arts and fashion.”Stefan Miljanic, Gilded Age Designer

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“The look for Gilded Age had a poetic feel – keeping looking tailored but with a natural disheveled finish.  This complimented the clothes beautifully as the collection is one of a poetic, tailored feel.  This look works best when there is longer layers through the front area especially .” – Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler/Redken Stylist   
Create the Look
  • Start by creating a natural side part.
  • On damp hair, use a blow dryer and use your fingers  to maneuver the hair over to one side casually.
  • Redken For Men dishevel is is perfect for most hair types to create the finish for this look.
  • Use small amounts and starting at the crown work your way forward to the front to create this slight disheveled, poetic look.


NYFW smells sweeter with the new Mercedes Benz Womens Fragrance

Twice a year, NYC becomes “Fashion Central”. Everyone wants to attend NYFW…but so few have the opportunity.  It’s almost become a fight to the finish to get one of the elusive tickets. Why… because its more than a luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz is a name that signifies belonging.  Belonging to a certain world. Sharing a lifestyle. A life dedicated to style. Sharing habits, outlooks and preferences; the electrifying ambiance of back stage. Limited access. Private entry. Exclusivity. It’s a brand at the cutting edge of the trend, the heart of the vortex. mer03.03com-3-mbpwo_trio_cmyk_090113

Mercedes-Benz Fragrance For Women is a status, no it’s an attitude.  The perfume is remarkably elusive, rich and sophisticated. Unique and decidedly different. When it pleases, it pleases enormously. All the qualities of a classic fragrance, all the signs of luxury. A fresh, powdery, floral perfume showcasing the creativity and modernity of the unusual accord of mimosa and violet. It opens brightly with a hint of bergamot to pique curiosity, softened by a peach so perfectly tangy it makes your mouth water. After the fresh top notes the composition moves into a delicate floral heart, a voluptuous, luxurious bouquet of mimosa-violet, rose and lily-of-the-valley, sustained by a deep silage of patchouli, white musk and vanilla.

Let’s not forget that the bottle that holds the fragrance also evokes an attitude.  This is a flacon with all gentle curves of a women’s body. The transparency lets light shine through the absolute smoothness of the bottle. The bottle provokes hand, eye and desire.  Just like fashion, the one who wears it…is chic and refined…totally in step with the changes of the world, yet makes her own choices, and depends on nothing nor anyone.

So even if you can’t attend a show (or for a lot of folks who say they are attending NYFW…when they are only going to the parties or lounges) you can at least smell like you belong.

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray – 90 ml – $90.00*

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray – 60 ml – $79.00*

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray – 30 ml – $67.00*

*Available at specialist perfume retailers

Wine Wednesday: Belevedere Valentine’s Day kiss

Belvedere will get your party started or make your romantic night, more romantic.  Belvedere in any of their flavor will make your Valentine’s Day, night, one to remember.

Raspberry Chocolate Kiss
3 muddled raspberries.
2 1/2oz Belvedere Vodka
1/2 oz creme de cocoa
1/2 mint infused simple syrup
Splash cranberry juice

Chocolate graham cracker crust rim
Garnish with 1 Hershey Kiss at bottom of martini glass

Girls Night

Italian Love Affair - Add a bite to your Spritz and enjoy this cocktail with your best gal pals.

30 ml Belvedere Pink Grapefruit

20 ml Aperol

Top Chandon


Combine all ingredients in a wine glass over ice and gentle stir. Garnish with a pink grapefruit twist.

Night on the Town

Express Your Love – Enjoy this delightful after dinner drink with your special sweetie.

50 ml Belvedere Vodka

20 ml chilled espresso

20 ml vanilla infused simple syrup

Dash cream


Combine all ingredients and shake vigorously with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass or coupette. Garnish with 3 espresso beans.


First Date

Valentine‘s Martini Pour Deux – Make the first date memorable with this classic Belvedere Martini.

120 ml Belvedere Vodka

20 ml Dolin Dry


Combine ingredients in large mixing glass and stir over ice until very cold. Strain equal parts mixture into two chilled mini martini glasses and pour remaining liquid into a mini carafe. Keep carafe on ice and garnish martinis with an olive each.

Cozy at Home

Cupid’s Champagne Potion -  Toast to your love and celebrate the good times with this festive sparkling cocktail!

30 ml Belvedere Vodka

30 ml peach puree

Top Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label


Combine Belvedere and peach puree in a tin and shake with ice. Fine strain into a chilled flute and top with Veuve Clicquot.


Guys Night

Unfiltered on the Rocks – Guys night out? No problem choosing, Belvedere on the rocks it is!

50 ml Belvedere Unfiltered

1 large black olive


Pour Belvedere Unfiltered over ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with a large black olive.

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