Take the guess work out of planning with Trello

Screen2Let’s face it, engagement season is under full swing and planning, organizing has gone the way from paper & pen to all digital. So what is the newest app out there that will make your wedding and dare I say, life-planning simple as a click on Trello.ScreenShot1Trello is an online and mobile collaborative organizational tool you can use to create lists, make plans, and jot down ideas and inspiration! Simply head to the app or website and see who is working on what, where something is in process, and what’s being worked on. Make one board with a checklist of duties for your bridesmaids, create another between you and your fiance to ensure you know important dates (such as an upcoming tasting), and even create a board to plan your reception seating arrangements. Planning your wedding down to the last detail is just that easy.  Here’s how you use it:

Jump Into Weddings!

Now that the proposal has happened, start your wedding planning process off right by creating a timeline. Create lists on your board in order of urgency and put in important dates, locations and vendor details. You’ll have everything you need to take care of in one central place and even have reminders sent to your phone and email to make sure any pending duties are complete!  – Check!!

Get Inspiration!

Add any fun ideas or pictures to your boards! Whether you come across a new designer, pinterest, while browsing a bridal boutique or online, just snap a picture or copy and paste the dress you’re pining for onto one of your lists. Here you will have a quick and easy reference list for every inspiration from your dress to decor.

Make Seating Arrangements!

Seating plans have always been a royal pain. With your Trello board which represent tables and placements, you can move around your guests with ease.You can even add in details about your guests such as noting whether or not they have any food allergies or shouldn’t sit next to so-and-so.

ScreenShotManage Your Bridesmaids

Stay up-to-date with your bridesmaids to ensure they have the latest news on where to get their dresses, duties they need to complete, and important details about the bachelorette party and bridal showers! Excuses for not reading your messages or not getting any of your alerts won’t fly. Everything they need will be all in one place and updated as things progress.

Screen3Post Wedding Breakdown

Wow…it’s over already??  Yes, all that planning and it’s over in a flash.  but once the wedding is over, you can easily lose track of things and items you still need to take care of. Trello reminds me you of important dates and tasks such as sending out thank you notes or finalizing any outstanding bills. Nothing will get past you, even whilst you are enjoying your honeymoon!

Once you get started with Trello, you won’t want to stop. You can use it for everything in your future as a couple…storing new recipes, looking for a new job, planning for your next vacation or even managing your exercise plan. This is truly one of the best and all encompassing sites out there, so what are you waiting for?

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, and Watches, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8.  


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