Happy Holidays and See you in 2015!!

Oh WHAT A YEAR!! Seriously, this is one for the record books…at least for me. There are so many of my friends who are getting married…some for the second (and at least one for the 3rd time); there were births, deaths, birthdays (yup…the “big one” for me) and growth.

I was really looking forward to this year. I thought it would be filled with magic. That’s what I wanted. That’s what I wished for. Some of my wishes came true, some not so much. But that’s life right? If I’m honest, the last few months have been some of the most intense I’ve had in years…but it’s lead to my growth as a writer, daughter, sister, friend and lover.

So in my year in review, allow me to share the following with you:

walkwithshaemyloveI love what I do and when I have great information to share with you I’m super excited. However…lately, I’ve hit a ‘wall’. I have spoken to some of my colleagues in the business, and we all agree that the wedding industry is going through some changes and we ALL feel it. I’ve tried to keep it up to date but frankly, there is more to getting married than getting the ring and white dress. There have been times when I’ve just not been ‘in the mood’, to push the same old stuff and didn’t. For those of you who have been so loyal to me, I’m sorry for some of the time-lapses. I won’t ever write just to write – that doesn’t ring true for me, you know that. This blog will change in 2015. I’m going to do something a bit radical…I’m going to get really real with you about this thing called relationships and marriage. Some of it will be light, fun and fluffy. Some of it will probably scare you, but it’s being honest. Hope you’re ready…Hope I’m ready lol!

I have had the opportunity to spend a few weeks on the road this year. Nothing like years past, but that’s ok. My best trip was to the South of France, with my boyfriend (geez…there has to be another ‘title’, when you date someone over 40). It was both a magical and life-altering experience. It was the first time that he did all the planning and all I had to do was go. No work, no agenda…just the two of us in a great farm-house in Provence drinking wine, eating great food and spending time together. It taught me that you can learn a lot about a person when you walk down a country road, smelling lavender at sunset drinking wine.

That night…will forever be magic…and yes, that’s the picture of us above.

So in 2015, I’m going to look for, create and take more magic moments. I already have an opportunity to rack up a few more airline miles and I’m going to take it. I’m gathering wind beneath my wings and taking flight. I hope you all come along for the ride.  What “magic moments” are you going to create? Start thinking about them now and make it happen.

As a sister, daughter, friend…well I try. I’m far from perfect but I do know that my parents and brother know that I love them, depend on them and would do anything for them. I’m really excited that my ‘little brother’, is getting married this year. His fiancée is an awesome girl who loves him and is really good to him. Like most couples, they have their moments, but they communicate well and are committed to each other. As a friend…well, I give a lot of myself. I am there no matter the hour and I have learned to lean on them during some of the most difficult times this year. Learning to let others help, hasn’t always been easy, usually because most come to me to “handle it”. But this year, I’ve taken off my white-hat and let others handle it for me.

In 2015, I hope to share some ways to let others (be it people, books, exercise, whatever) help you. Seeking help/council isn’t always easy to do. It’s scary to get real with your dark side. It’s not always pretty. The thing I learned is that when you ask, people are usually willing to at least listen as you hash it out in your mind. I’ve had some really intense moments this year and am grateful some really good people have help me. I hope that as I continue to grow, I can share with you – and hey…this is a two-way street. Share with me what helps you.  My first tip: My BF’s friend Barbara told me to always keep a flashlight….for those dark moments to shine light on it. I took her literally (as she was a writer and a damn good one) and always carry one with me. Get a small one as a reminder that truth is always “light”.

Now…the lover part. ROTFL (mom, if you’re reading this post, skip to the end). I don’t claim to know what makes a relationship successful. I had one that changed the way I view marriage. It was painful to discover that he lied, cheated and in the end, ending it was the best thing I ever did. I won’t ever allow those qualities in my life again. My antenna is up and I know the signs. The relationship I’m in now, has had it’s share of ups/downs and yet, we (as of this writing) are still standing. We have made a joint decision to communicate better, have more of those good times, have those tough discussions and in the end, always hold hands. We know what will not work in our relationship and I’m happy that we have weathered some storms because it’s made our roots grow deeper and stronger.

In 2015 we’re going to take a look into what is intimacy. Not just sex…but what it takes to be emotionally intimate with your partner. It’s going to take me out of my comfort zone to write about it (as I’ve not done it before), but I feel that it’s important. Communication and intimate moments are key to your relationships survival. It’s needed if your relationship is going to thrive and that’s what we all want right?

Ok…so that’s a lot and I sincerely hope that I can make it all happen. I know that I’m not going to stress out about it. I’m going to do my best for you and for me. Your relationship and mine.

As I take the rest of the year ‘off’, I’m doing do because I need to have some down time to get things ready. I want to spend time with my family and my guy. I want to enjoy the holiday and hope you do the same. Most of all, as you look back on 2014, I hope you do so with a smile – even if there were a few tears. I hope you have grown as a person and have found someone who loves you – really loves you. I pray that what ever you wish for that didn’t come true, finds its way to you in 2015. Most of all, I wish you peace of spirit, mind and heart.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Holiday and New Year.


Yours in Bridal


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