Wine Wednesday: BelvedereRed brings joy this holiday season

Whether you are spending the day feasting with family or watching football with friends, these festive libations from (BELVEDERE)RED are the perfect addition to any holiday table. (BELVEDERE)RED is the same Belvedere Vodka everyone knows and loves, packaged in a limited-edition bottle from now through the end of December. With 50% of the profits from each bottle benefiting the Global Fund (which helps fight HIV/AIDS in Africa), mixing up specialty cocktails with (BELVEDERE)RED is the simplest way to give back this Holiday Season. Great gifts for your entire bridal party!

Belvedere Vodka Head of Mixology & Spirit Creation, Claire Smith, has handcrafted three specialty cocktails to create for your own celebration. So establish a new tradition this year and raise a glass of (BELVEDERE)RED, the world’s first super premium vodka.  Remember to drink responsibly.

Fall For You
1oz Belvedere Bloody Mary
½ oz pressed apple juice
Dash spiced bitters
Top with Apple Cider
Garnish with apple, chili and cucumber slices.

Pilgrim’s Punch
320ml / 10 oz Belvedere Vodka
400ml / 14 oz cloudy apple cider
100ml / 3 oz allspice syrup
120ml / 4 oz lemon juice
4 lemon wheels
4 orange wheels
5 cinnamon sticks
Combine all ingredients in large punch bowl with ice and serve immediately.

Cucumber Cobbler
1 oz Cucumber juice
Dash Elderflower Cordial
Dash Pastis
Top with Soda water.

Autumn Spritzer
¼ oz Lime
1.5 oz Cream soda
3 drops Angostura bitters
Shake all ingredients (except soda)
Top with soda and garnish with slice of vanilla or lime wheel.

Red Apple Tippler
2 oz Pressed Apple Juice
½ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Orgeat (Almond Syrup)
Dash of Cinnamon
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass
Garnish with an apple slice.



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