Holiday Gift Guide: Hanukkah edition

I can’t imagine the amount of planning that goes into 8 days of gifts. I know folks that start preparing almost as soon as it’s over for the next year. Well…here are a few items that are on the list for 2014 to help you celebrate Hanukkah sweetly and stylishly.

Yes, everyone needs a Candleschitck women’s Pullover Hanukkah”, you can find this and tons of other cute things at

I love these goodies. The “Snowflake Gift Tower” by Cheryl is delish and a great house gift. There’s a cookie for everyone.

Once you start…you can’t stop with the “Mashuga Nuts”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

These Blue and White Snowflake Pretzels are sure to be a hit.

These Retro Israeli Map Coasters are awesome. There is a lot to learn and a great conservation starter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Come on and rock your pride during the holiday with this snazzy headband.

This is one of the most beautiful dreidels I’ve ever seen. Created by Yair Emanuel, the colors and detail are exquisite and of course…it’s a great game! For the adults in the house how about a “Keep Calm and Eat Latkes” serving plate. Both are available at

No matter where you celebrate…celebrate your family and life.  Happy Holidays!


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