Solange and Alan Ferguson did it their way…

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This past weekend Solange Knowles (now Ferguson) in her own “you won’t see me until you see me” way, broke the internet. Not by dropping her pants (Dear Anna (Wintour), What do you think of her now?) rather by elevating the fashion of weddings and wedding couture. Her #AllWhiteWedding theme kicked the idea that no one other than the bride should wear white, down Bourbon Street.

What made Solonge a beautiful bride? Let’s start with our first view of her in an unembellished cream gown with a matching, floor-sweeping cape by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. She accessorized her look with wide gold cuffs by Jill for Lady Grey and her hair needed no veil, as her crown was her gloriously beautiful natural hair.   Not to be out done, Alan Ferguson looked as handsome in a bone-colored Lanvin suit, and gold cap-toe shoe.

How many changes were there? Some estimate as many as six various white/cream-themed outfits were on display during the wedding weekend. So change as many times as she wants (and her pocketbook can afford). I

Who designed the show-stopping backless cape she wore riding the bike? The three outfits that set the internet on fire, designed by French designer Stéphane Rolland. Solange’s only conventional outfit was a calf-length dress with a slit high on the thigh from the Australian brand Ellery, worn to a pre-wedding event.

We don’t need no stinkin’ limo. The rose-festooned bike she used to arrive to their wedding venue (Marigny Opera House), was fun, festive and as her cape billowed behind her as they rode to the church. After all, that’s what a wedding is supposed to be – fun and doing it YOUR WAY.

Can we talk about the engagement ring? It is my favorite ring to date. It is a split band with asymmetrical diamonds on each end. It is as unique as the bride and I’m sure we’ll see engagement rings trending toward unique settings.

Photography is key to capturing these moments. Take the wedding portraits by Bronx-based photographer Rog Walker, showing the carefully posed wedding party in their all white attire. Again proving that this is not the ‘normal’ wedding portrait. How wonderful that the bridal party wore everything from dresses to pants. Let your bridal party be who they are, and wear what is comfortable for them. Make is classy, make it stylish and if fashion is your thing, make it fashionable.

Finally, in true New Orléans tradition, you march to music and have a real party down the streets to celebrate. This is the way you party. This is the way you get your guests ready for festivities that will seal the deal on the celebration.

Now, in full disclosure, Solange used to live in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I would on occasion see her and her well-mannered son Julez in the local coffee shop. If you haven’t seen their well-choreographed dance to Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone”, you must. Their Mother-Son dance was just too cute. It’s funny when you recognize a celebrity and the masses don’t. They didn’t recognize that this woman is a powerhouse in her own right, and nor as “Beyonce’s little sister”. To them, she was just a quirky black woman with a cute little boy. I think that’s why she moved to Brooklyn. To find peace and I think she did. I also think this weekend; she broke that mold for good and took her rightful place in the spotlight. She is her own woman…married and “One, with the one.”

So Congratulations to the Fergusons. Here’s wishing you a forever as magical as this past weekend.


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