The St. Regis celebrates 2014 with a classic Bloody Mary

Newly renovated St. Regis New York - King Cole Bar and Restaurant reopens October 2013Oh…what a better way to celebrate 2014 than a Bloody Mary especially on National Bloody Mary Day. The St. Regis property has often been sited as the premiere place to go, if you are looking for the “perfect” Bloody.  Did you know that while each property has the classic cocktail, they all have one that is regional? The Red Snapper (3)


For the timeless original, look no further than the legendary “Red Snapper” at The St. Regis New York’s King Cole Bar & Salon!


For a Southern twist, The St. Regis Atlanta offers a spicy take on the new York original, adding horseradish, Tabasco and black peppercorns to the mix. Pickled okra juice adds a savory Southern twist to the recipe, while 2 pickled green tomatoes add an authentic Georgia touch.


For the best garnish, head to The St. Regis Washington D.C. for its signature Chesapeake Bay twist on the original Bloody Mary, titled the “Capitol Mary”. Using fresh steamed shrimp as a savory garnish, this cocktail blends the original Bloody Mary with a delectable appetizer, shrimp and cocktail sauce. Perfect for the hungry bruncher eager for his first bite!


For a tropical spin, journey to The St. Regis Princeville in Kauai, where the hotel bar offers an enticing blend of Hawaii’s handcrafted organic Ocean Vodka and clamato juice garnished with Kauai guava wood-smoked sea salt. An unexpected garnish of pickled sea asparagus offers an unexpected twist to the traditional classic, found only in this far-flung state!


For some Caribbean heat, look to Puerto Rico, where the St. Regis Bahia Beach’s “Encanto Mary” is enhanced with the local liquor ‘Mojo Criollo’ and Aji Chili Sauce, then garnished with crushed fried plantains. The sweet and crispy topping serves to mellow the heat of the Aji Chili sauce, rounding out this deliciously spicy Caribbean version of the New York classic.


Of course all St. Regis properties worldwide will be serving their original takes on the New York Red Snapper, on January 1st as well as every other day of the year!





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