Make your own chocolate kit for DIY holiday fun

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, boxes of chocolate line store shelves. The day after Christmas, stores are already thinking about Valentines day.  Well, there’s no need to wait for the holiday to indulge—or to wait for someone to gift them to you. The Make Your Own Chocolate Kit offers a unique, affordable way to make delicious, dark chocolate from scratch, right at home. make-your-own-chocolate-kit-with-contents

Created by the makers of Glee Gum, the Chocolate Kit has high quality, all natural ingredients like Fair Trade and organic cocoa butter and cocoa powder. From a temperature indicator to simple instructions and paper candy liners, everything you need is included. You’ll find an educational story about the history of chocolate, plus a few cacao beans for you to try. You can even add tasty tidbits from your pantry, like miniature marshmallows or scoops of peanut butter, to make each chocolate different. As studies continue to suggest the surprising health benefits of dark chocolate, there’s no better time to try the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. (SRP $13.95 per kit, available at gift stores nationwide & online at


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