Wine Wednesday: Plated meals are pretty simple and pretty delicious

I like cooking but truly am a better baker until I discovered Plated.  Plated is a food delivery service that not only put the joy back in cooking, they made it as easy as 1-2-3.  Their recipes are really easy to recreate and you know what…they look just like the Plated picture and taste amazing.plated2

Of course it would be two Harvard Business School alums (Nick Taranto and Josh Hix) to compile gourmet recipes from noted chefs and deliver all the ingredients necessary to make a home-cooked meal. After all, we know all students can only eat so many packets of noodles and cold pizza and they take it a step further. With Plated, everything from the meats, vegetables, and spices directly to your door – everything! Members must order at least four plates per week so just consider it at least 2 full meals for 2 (shipping and tax are included in the price). Considering what you may pay for a night out, the price ($14 to $15 per plate for non-members, and as little as $10 to $12 per plate for members) is truly affordable and so much healthier.

What made Plated super attractive is that each box has a generous helping of fruits and vegetables essential to a healthy diet. Since the fruits and veggies in each box are sourced direct from farmers, your Plated greens are fresher than what you’d buy at a grocery store.  All you need is the pot to cook it in and of course…a beautiful ‘plate’. You don’t have to worry about it spoiling, because it is packaged in a cooling box, so it will be waiting for you when you get home – fresh as can be.

I love this for couples and soon to be couples.  Choosing your meal for the following week is really exciting and when it arrives, honestly, it’s a blast opening it and getting my “Top Chef Self” ready to cook. 

Try it yourself, go to and use the code: Lisa’sreaders to try 2 for FREE.  Let me know how you do and what you think.



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