Fall beauty tips…as the weather changes

If you are a beauty blogger, then the must go to event is Cocktails & Couture. Founder Lianne Farbes of TheMakeupGirl.net is a powerhouse in the field of blogging, social media, networking and connecting (the dots as well as) people.  This season she organized a lively panel where panelists, Claire Sulmers (FashionBombDaily.com),  JasFly (entertainment journalist), Jennifer Walsh (beauty pioneer), Jessica Goon (Avon/mark brand manager), TracyLee Percival (celebrity manicurist) and Charlene Dance (Global Marketing Director of Strength of Nature), discussed social media and personal branding. It was a great evening of mingling and networking. 

How lucky to receive Lianne’s top beauty pics for fall. If you are planning a fall or winter wedding, take special note. You want to look your best and these tips will have you on your way.  Take it away Lianne….

Fall is by far my favorite season.  It not only brings a change in the weather, but it brings changes for your hair and skin too!  It’s important to switch your routine up and take care of things so you can look your best. Here are a few tips using some of my favorite brands.


1.    Hair can get dry and it’s important to keep your hair soft and free of breakage.Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-In H2 Conditioner will leave your hair feeling like silk without build-up, dryness or frizz.

2.    Now that summer is over, the time you spent in the sun can leave behind dry skin.  Exfoliation is always important. I recommend Restorseas Reviving CleanserWith regular use you will see brighter and more even looking skin.

3.    I love primers and the look you can get from them, but sometimes they can look heavy. Cover FX Mattifying Primer w/Anti-Acne Treatment is a lightweight, water-resistant primer that keeps skin matte while minimizing fine lines and pores.

4.    Change in seasons can be hard on your skin AS WELL AS your body.  Keep the evil germs away and your immune system protected with a dose of eBoost.  A blend of vitamins, minerals, and super-nutrients works from within to give you a natural lift.

5.    One of my favorite products for fall is a night cream. Your skin needs to repair itself in the evenings, using a night cream is an imperative step, especially if are over 30. Restorsea Restoring Night Cream provides intense hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes redness and irritation.

6.    One thing I like to do on a weekly basis is deep condition my hair. In the fall, I pack on a deep conditioner (especially on my ends) like Elasta QP Soy Oyl Moisture-Rich Deep Conditioner. It contains Omegas 3 & 6 as well as a vitamin-rich soy protein that penetrates faster and deeper into hair for the maximum protection against breakage, split-ends, and dryness.


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