Is your bra telling the truth?

Genie Bra Pictures_6.05 008Ladies, are your ‘girls’ as supported as they should be? In light of National Honesty Day on Tuesday, April 30th it’s time to give yourself an “honest look” in the mirror! A big lie many women tell themselves is about their bra size because of concerns they have regarding feeling too big, too small or just confused on what size to wear. This has all led to about 85% of women wearing the wrong sized bra which can lead to back pain and not looking your best. To offer tips on getting your pair’s affairs in order, style expert and author of The Bra Book, Jené Luciani says:


1)      Give Your ‘Girls’ a Glance: Take an honest look at yourself in the mirror and check out your ‘girls’ in your favorite bra. Does the back of your bra ride up your back and not lay straight across? Do you have spillage? What about back fat? Be honest! If you answer “yes” you are wearing the wrong sized bra.


2)      Learn the Language: One reason many women are wearing the wrong size bra is because they’re confused by what the size really means. The number “34” in 34B, for example, refers to your “back size” or “band width”, which you can find by wrapping a measuring tape around your back, if it measures 34 inches, then you are a “34”. The cup size, or the “B” in 34B, refers to how far your pair protrudes away from your chest. If your ‘girls’ stick out an inch from your chest, then you are an A cup, two inches is a B cup, and so on.


3)      Start Shopping: Next, go to a store with trained bra experts that can properly measure you and help you determine your true size. I recommend that every woman has the following in her bra arsenal: 2 nude bras; 2 black bras; one strapless or convertible style; and 1 seamless, wireless bra for comfort.  The Genie Bra is a good seamless bra option which also provides great support for all sizes.

Finally, Jené reminds women everywhere to “be open-minded about their bra size. If you’re surprised (or disappointed), remember that size is just a number and a letter! It doesn’t define you and being honest about your bra size will make you look younger and more confident in an instant—the right size will ‘lift you up’ in more ways than one!”




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