NYFW: Timo Weiland Fall 2013 Women’s Collection


Timo Weiland took several chances this season.  The first was to separate their men and women’s collection. The second was creating a woman’s collection that had a bit of an attitude. It’s pretty safe to say by the end of the show, their gamble paid off big time.

The Timo Weiland type of woman has been one of the ‘good girls’, the cheerleader, the A-student. It seems to me that she has now discovered her inner strength and it shows in her fresh sense of ‘toughness’.  From the oversized shearing lapels, to the quilted biker jacket, to the crowd pleaser black leather bomber jacket, this collection says I’m tough but still a girl.

It wasn’t just outerwear that was well received. The slouchy sweater with pencil skirt was a twist on work comfort. The pleated mini-dress and jockey hat says, “I’m confident, grown-up but don’t want my clothes to be too fussy.” Could this be the new dress code of casual Friday?

The shoes, Timo Weiland for TSUBO are a must have. The Timo Weiland collection reflects their personal aesthetic sensibilities and desire to spur a return to the art of dressing.  From flats, to booties, wedges and heeled-boots, the construction ensures comfort and fit. The styles and textures will be the focal point no matter what you wear.

Weiland and Eckstein said that they had been inspired by English Tudor houses, and imagining hip East London girls heading to the country for the weekend. I’d say that they have successfully brought the country to cities around the world.

Fabrics for Fall 2013: Leather, shearing, quilting, denim, chiffon, windowpane plaid, lace, tweed, quilting, mink fur, medallion print, composite fleece, striped, jersey, brocade, Tudor tapestry, crepe, fjord fur, Finn Raccoon fur and stretch mesh

Colors for Fall 2013: Forest, ivory, grey, black, chalk, navy, grey oxford, cranberry, plum, cream white, fatigue, beige and green

Shoes: http://www.tsubo.com


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