Gift ideas from food, DIY to instagram

Planning for your wedding and looking for unique gifts to give can cause a lot of stress. It doesn’t’ have to anymore because now there is a site, app or store for that. From food to pictures, you’ll be saying, “that was easy”.

Do you have a world-famous apple pie recipe or a brisket to die for? Are your friends always asking you to share your secret? Do you know a couple that loves to cook and you want to give them something special for their wedding day then look no further. allows you to mix your recipes with photos of your own as well as hundreds from other food sites.  What a personalized gift, sounds pretty tasty to me.

Summer may be coming a few months away, but your love for ice cream doesn’t have to wait.  I always wanted to mix my own brand and now I can with eCreamery.  Oh the smoothness of it all.

Are you the queen (or king) of DIY? The Silhouette Cameo looks like a printer but it uses a special blade to cut designs into paper, card stock or fabric.  Here’s to lots of time and creating your own wedding invitations.

We’re all obsessed with Instagram and I’ll admit, some photos are really beautiful. If you’ve found some and want to print them into little printed photo books, stickers or t-shirt, head over to Printstagram. This is one of the coolest gift items to share your engagement process or the way you fell in love.

If you love that picture and want it to be on a beautiful canvas that you can hang on your wall, Instacanvas is your friend.

If you or your partner is a camera lover, the Photojojo Store is the store of their dreams. Everything from traditional lenses on our camera, to your camera phone there are some great real and gag-gifts available. I can say that my brother actually got one of these for me for Christmas. I use it daily and it really keeps my coffee hot. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and I highly recommend them.




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