NYFW: Douglas Hannant Fall 2013 Collection

For the woman who wanted elegance with an occasional bit of drama the Douglas Hannant Fall 2013 collection is what you seek.  This season Mr. Hannant stripped away his usual dramatic flare and presented a collection with classic shift dresses, deep royal colors, suiting options all accentuated with fur, leather, a bit of sparkle or a combination of all.

Keeping the collection somewhat subdued, there was the occasional leather peplum waist detail or a piping down the back of the shift dress that reminding us that a bit of drama can co-exist happily with the simplest dress. What Hannant has done with this collection is to open the door of possibility to an entirely new group to discover his designs.

What is the key to Hannant’s collections no matter the season, he “loves a woman to look like a woman” and he continues to provide options beautifully. There was however, at least one dress that might have been a bit ‘fussy’ in the mix of color and texture.

In a season where so many designers wouldn’t dare be brave to use color, Hannant welcomes colors with his arms open wide. In a few cases the use of color may have been a bit for some, but being bold is what a Douglas Hannant woman is all about.  She fits well on the Upper East Side and just as well in the Meatpacking District.  The red gown was a showstopper and left the audience wanting more.

Fabrics for Fall 2013: Wool, leather, fur, silk crepe, nylon, and cotton.

Colors for Fall 2013: Sapphire blue, silver, ivory, ruby red, amethyst purple, jade, and onyx.


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