Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

They say hindsight is 20:20.

Have you stopped for a moment to reflect on
2012? How have things played out for you?
Has 2012 been what you hoped it had been?
Did you accomplish the things you set out
to get done?
It doesn’t really matter what they are or where. We
all value different things, or have different
ways to measure it.
What’s your 2013 going to look like?
Are you excited about it?
You should be.
I am. Because I know the year is going to
be whatever I make of it. And that, while
we don’t have that clear hindsight when it
comes to the future, we still have the power
to guide it as long as we have our eyes wide
Not to mention… working your ass off. Put
in the hours. Wipe the sweat. EXECUTE.
I intend to make this the best year of my life.
We all hear that all the time. “Take Action!”
Or, as Gary V. puts it, “CRUSH IT!”.
But, is it just a cute thing to say, or does
it really resonate?
It resonates for me. I can’t say 2012 has been
my most productive year…nor most fun…
nor one that has made me happy every single day.
I hoped and wished for clarity and you know what…
Be careful what you wish for.
I learned who I can trust – who I can’t.
I learned who is in my corner – who isn’t.
I learned that all clients are not the same –
yet some are truly amazing.
I learned that friends – true friends are loyal and
those that are just there for the good times, don’t
stick around in the sad.
I learned that my health and happiness are worth
fighting for and those when I ask for forgiveness
on things that I think I’ve done…real friends simply say
“There’s nothing to forgive…now let’s get a drink.”
But, one thing I do know is this…
I’m going to kick ass and takes names in 2013.
No excuses. Balls to the wall.
This girl is on FIRE!!
The books – yes I said plural will be completed THIS YEAR
The books will be published and successful THIS YEAR
My sense of peace, love and gratefulness will be with me
from the second this posts 9:00am Dec 31, 2012
(They say if you write it down…it will come true)
My family – my mom, dad, brother and those I call family
will be healthy and we’re gonna have a blast this year!
Travel adventures and getting paid for it, is the icing on my cake
Those things and people who no longer contribute to my
growth…well, it’s been real and while I wish you well, I
don’t want  you around, can’t have you around any more.
You won’t take another second of my time.
This is the hard part, because the loss of friends
(or at least those I think are friends)
is really hard for me. Hey, I’m a sensitive Pisces.
This is the year of me!
So here’s wishing you your every wish, desire, positive experience and
even the hard learning experiences be a growth experience.
Here’s wishing your heart always does double-flips
You eat tons of ice cream and don’t worry about the calorie count
(life it too short for fat-free!!)
Here’s wishing you know true love…not just the good time love
but the love that will last through the fire kind of love
(that’s the one I want!!)
Here’s sending blessings to your families that you have lots of
time together to enjoy, laugh, love and plenty of hugs.
Here’s wishing someone always holds your hand.
Are you with me?
If you are, 2013 is going to be epic.

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