Bridal Market NYC: Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool 2013 Collections

Couture bridal designer Amsale Aberra is best known as the creative force behind her signature collection, Amsale but did you know she is also the master-mind behind of well-loved bridal labels Kenneth Pool and Christos. One would think that designing three brands would blend, but not for Ms. Aberra. These three are as distinct as every bride.

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Christos always has a feel of being lightweight, airy and very much a princess. This season there was a larger usage of sheer illusion, lace appliqué that had a “painted on” feel to them.

Kenneth Pool seems to be the couture – well larger than life shapes and appearance.  With lots of beading, there is a balance between sophistication and grandeur without going over the top.

For her signature collection Amsale, she went back to where it all began.  As someone who created her own wedding dress, this season the collection was very clean, chic, classic.

Very well-respected and beloved in the wedding industry, Amsale takes multi-tasking to an entirely new level and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you would like to see all the pictures, take a look in the albums on the Yours In Bridal Facebook Page


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