Bridal Market NYC: Claire Pettibone 2013 Collection

“The sea gives her shells to the shingle, The earth gives her streams to the sea; They are many but my gift is single, My verse, the first fruits of me.” Written by Algernon Charles Swinburne, in 1865 this is a part of the poem that inspired Claire Pettibone for her 2013 collection. There is beauty in the simplicity of a soft breeze flowing through the woods in spring and this collection captures it.

Claire Pettibone runway shows have long been known for their garden, fairy and nymph feel.  This season didn’t disappoint.  Models, adorning messy hair knot up-dos and floral crowns, walked barefoot down a rose petal covered catwalk in gowns that gave feel to a garden wedding. Her use of floral lace appliqué, silk flowers, ribbons and lace are begging to be touched.  What makes her a standout is the delicate use of color, her intricate floral embroidery and yes, I’ve crowned her the Queen of bringing sexy back. 

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No one in the industry has given more attention to the overall appearance to a bride walking down the aisle, for that first look as well as guests looking at her as she stands there.  This seasons use of playful ribbons and hand-spun lace will evoke your inner fairy princess bride.  No matter if your wedding is in a garden, cathedral, or castle wearing a Pettibone dress says, “I believe in love, dreams coming true and my prince-charming.”


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