ShaToBu the other control and smothing company

You’ve heard of Spanx but have you ShāToBu?

This product has been on the market for a bit, but when I tried them I knew that I had to share the information.  Now, with that said, I do like my Spanx  so this is just an alternative.  (I had to make that public service announcement)

What makes ShāToBu so different from the other brands? ShāToBu has a Coolmax cotton gusset so you don’t sweat.  It also has a wider, no-roll waistband which is great!!

If you wanted to do a comparison on the things that matter the most to a bride:

Shaping: ShāToBu instantly gives women a sleeker silhouette; shaping hips, thighs, tummy and derriere by a reduction of 3 – 6%

Toning: ShāToBu tones the muscles of the hips and thighs due to the resistance bands within the garment, which provide 90% to 116% more resistance in movement, which causes an increase in muscle activity in the targeted areas causing toning

Finally, something I didn’t know about…

BURNING: ShāToBu burns 3% to 16% (with an average of up to 12%) more calories when worn during daily living activities, due to the resistance bands making muscles work harder therefore increasing caloric burn.

Losing calorie by just wearing them really got me. Burn, baby burn!!

There are two product lines and for some getting a shaper in your size is the major factor.  You don’t want to be a sausage or fight to get them on or off at the end of the day.  The shapers come in small to 3XL ($48-$58) and the Tights are from small to 2XL ($34-$38).  I KNOW!!

You can stop what you’re doing now, and find them at,, or and at select Bloomingdales and Dillards stores nationwide.


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