Fall Fashion: Fratelli Rossetti presents Colour that fits like a glove

It’s going to be a winter all about color at Fratelli Rossetti, which is presenting the All Over, a range of shoes painted by craftsmen, from the uppers to the sole, in one single nuance. Myrtle, ottanium, bottle green and burgundy are just some of the shades for the man who won’t go without refined style and craftsmanship, but who at the same time manages to avoid taking himself too seriously.

Fratelli Rossetti lavishes care on every detail, even those that are well hidden. From the cutting and sewing process, using traditional methods, to the master artisans hand-painting the welt using a brush and the same color as the uppers. Even the profile (sole edge) is painted and wax buffed by hand to emphasize the color. Really how much more “Made by Hand” can it get?

What every well dressed man loves about Fratelli Rossetti is their care and lavish care on every detail. It will be the same well dressed man, wearing these on your wedding day which shows that you know just how special the day is.

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