Fratelli Rossetti presents Femininity and sensuality with a masculine slant

Androgynous and sophisticated, conscious and anti-conformist; this is the type of woman Fratelli Rossetti has in mind for the winter of 2012. For her, it has evolved into a collection full of typically masculine prints and details, all of which have been interpreted with a sensual take. This modern-day heroine that has returned to the sartorial rigor of the ’30s and ‘40s, whilst at the same time managing to give it a new take full of feminine irreverence. In other words subtly sexy.

The utmost form of expression of this wo-mannish trend is the Dandy range, the hallmark of which includes retro details such as the piping and the internal edging in grosgrain. The Mad Men look and feel of  the new “derby without laces”, create an easy-going and andro-chic look. The range is completed with slip-ons, boots and ankle boots, all made in a vintage-look leather. The colors are classic: tan, dark brown, burgundy and bottle green.  All of these (along with burgundy) were in full-force on the NYC Fashion Week Runway.

The Brera moccasin had to play a part in a collection that combines masculine and feminine codes. The Brera has also been reworked and produced in a new ankle boot version. Winter 2012 will also be seeing the arrival of the Lady Brera: the Fratelli Rossetti moccasin is “donning its heels”, transforming itself into a new tasseled high-heel pump. The Magenta boot will become a part of the riding trend. Another Fratelli Rossetti landmark, it sees a reworking of a model from the Seventies.

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Truly Fratelli Rossetti has worked on the codes of its men’s shoes, overhauling them to invent a new form of femininity for itself, which is far-removed from classic tenets. Snakeskin combined with patent leather makes for a version that creates interest, as does the pony skin combined with antique-effect calfskin.  In other words, you’ll want one of everything.


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