Love is in the Royal Air

I admit it – I’m a sucker for romance.  90% of the men in my life were romantic. It wasn’t so much the flowers (which I do love when I get them ‘just because’ and not because it’s an, ‘I’m sorry’ kind of bouquet). It wasn’t chocolate (I don’t eat it) or anything material really…it was the ones that would write me notes, post cards, letters.  Those were the men I fell hard for. Funny I had a former boyfriend (from college) send me a note during the US Olympic Track & Field event and said that it should have been me.  Well, he was being kind especially since he was one of the fastest guys on our college track team.  I had someone else ask “How’s the coffee-table photo book coming along?”  We’d not spoken for more than 9 years…but he remembered my photos…that meant a lot.  Then there is the man who holds my hand.  Honestly I feel so safe and loved by that simple gesture.  Don’t we all want someone who truly knows us?  I know I do.

So all this is to say I loved the People Magazine photographers who captured these romantic moments with various royals.  I know that they choose to not have PDA’s doing their Royal Duties, but these pics show that they are just like us.  Couples that love being with each other and yes, they can get swept up in the moment. 

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I know that all the planning for the “perfect” day takes its toll, but don’t let it make you forget why  you are doing this.  Hopefully, to be with that person for the rest of your lives. Here’s hoping that we see more of these real moments with couples -Royal and otherwise.  Here’s hoping that the person you love, sneaks kisses, holds your hand, makes you feel loved.


2 thoughts on “Love is in the Royal Air

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