Where have I been???

Hi everyone {{{{WAVING}}}}

I have to say “Sorry” for the lack of posts recently.  I’ve been on the road checking out some amazing locations that I’m excited to talk about as well as the Fall-Previews everywhere.  There will be lots of content coming up in the next few weeks so be on the look out.

Actually there will be an expansion – finally a ‘formal’ one.  I’ve always covered bridal, but I’m officially moving more toward all-around life.  First you get married, then you live life.  So what does that mean? There will be more beauty, fashion, travel, technology and, I want to hear from you.  Of course there will be more fun on my Wine Wednesday and guys….I’m working on a few surprises for you too.  After all, it’s your day as well and I want you to feel just as special.

So what do you want to see – read about – have us review?  This is the only site that writes for you – the couple from a vendor prospective. You don’t see ‘real weddings’ but you will find things that will make YOUR REAL WEDDING and life what you have dreamed of.

So help me help you by talking to me.  Let’s have a conversation and make this one of the best sites for Real Couples.

Thanks everyone and as always I remain

Yours In Bridal,

Lisa & team xo


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