curates everything a couple needs in one stop shop

Doesn’t it seem like every time you open your email, you’re seeing another new “e-commerce” site.  The thing is, they all claim to do it all, be it all, have it all for everyone…’including the bride’.  I don’t know about you, but there are so few that completely focus on the happy couple, especially those on a budget.  Well, finally we have that targets engaged couples seeking budget friendly yet fashionable products, local wedding services, and honeymoon inspirations at up to 80% off retail.

Like other member’s only sites, on you can register to receive daily emails about upcoming sales events that may just save a small fortune on one of the most expensive occasions in a couples life. As a registered member, you can also search for time-dated sales events in your city via the ‘calendar function’ to discover which vendors discount coincides with your wedding date.

What I do like is they have set up a series of ‘standards’ that vendors have to meet before they will be featured. More, they are dedicated to help couples (and you as the one buying things as gifts for them) create the future home of their dreams.

The Wedcoupon platform hopes to be a game changer in a tradition-bound industry.  So stop by and sign up.  They are in a lot of cities across the US now and are rolling out to others soon. To learn more visit –

In full disclosure that I do know one of the owners of this site.  But you know me well enough that I wouldn’t post anything here that I didn’t think would be a benefit.  I was not paid for this post but I do believe in this company.


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