Wine Wednesday: TK KU Sake offers a unique tastings for your guests

TY KU Premium Asian Wine & Spirits has a new addition to its innovative and highly celebrated portfolio of sakes, TY KU Sake Silver. This new offering promises to change the face of traditional Japanese sake with its exceptional quality, smooth flavor profile, and contemporary style. TY KU Sake Silver is a modern update of the best of ancient craft brewing techniques for the next generation of sake drinkers. Expertly brewed in the heartland of sake, Nara, Japan, TY KU Sake Silver is a premium Junmai that represents the top 15% of all sakes in the world.

So what does all that mean – simply, it’s a smooth and superior taste that only imported Japanese sake provide. What makes it one of my new favorites, it is as affordable as it is delicious. Extremely versatile drink best enjoyed like white wine‐‐‐chilled in a wine glass‐‐‐or as the perfect base in premium, low calorie cocktails, such as a Sake Sangria.

What many may not know, the entire TY KU Sake portfolio including TY KU Sake Silver is 100% free of glutens, tannins, and sulfites and lower than wine in acidity, resulting in a ‘Wiser Way to Drink,’ and rapidly converting wine drinkers.

TY KU Sake Silver has a fresh, slightly sweet taste with subtle pear notes; its rich flavor is soft and silky on the palate. Although it naturally complements fresh fish including sushi and other Asian cuisine, TY KU Sake Silver has a well‐rounded body that can be paired with a wide variety of lighter Western cuisine.

So why not have a unique Sake tasting station at your wedding. I’m sure it will be an added twist that your guests won’t expect, but I’m sure one that they will talk about for a long time to come.

Sake & Food Pairings

TY KU Sake Silver Junmai

Light, crisp flavor with a slight citrus undertone

Food Pairings: Leafy Green Salads, Fresh Oysters, Grilled Vegetables

Cheese Pairings: Brie, Feta

TY KU Sake Black Junmai Ginjo

Rich in flavor with a toasty, smooth taste

Food Pairings: Savory Ribs, Spicy Steak, Hearty Roasted Chicken

Cheese Pairings: Swiss, Blue

TY KU Sake White Junmai Daiginjo

Refined, smooth flavor with a delicate, creamy undertone

Food Pairings: Delicate White Fish, Rich Lobster




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