The Fresh Diet changing the way you think of diet food

It’s not only just before the beginning of wedding season; it’s just days until the official start of summer…I know! While we would all love to think that we have time, it comes faster than we care to know. All the celebrity diets have taken center stage recently but there’s one that is now gaining a cult following. If you haven’t heard of The Fresh Diet you will soon.

The Fresh Diet is the premiere at-home meal delivery program that hand-delivers three, freshly prepared meals and two snacks every day to you doorsteps. Their healthy meals are never frozen, freeze-dried or vacuum-packed and they are truly the innovator in the diet delivery service category. The Fresh Diet provides you with an online meal planner and hands-on control. Simply, this is a plan that you customize yourself (according to any dietary restrictions) and it can be delivered on the day and schedule you create.

How does it work? You begin by signing up, and deciding what your ‘goals’ are. After that, you are given a variety of personalized options to make your Fresh Diet experience perfect for you! They have three programs:

Chef’s Choice Program – a full day of meals-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two Snacks with a Menu that is complete and done for you, tailored around your Dislikes.

Premium Choice Program – a full day of meals-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two Snacks. A Choose your own meals program in which you are able to choose your meals that you’d like to receive, down to the Sides for your Dinner.

New! Combination meals-Breakfast/Lunch, or Lunch/Dinner, or Breakfast/Dinner

They guarantee delivery fresh, daily, to your home between the hours of 7p.m-5a.m. in refrigerated cooler bags, packed with ice-packs, along with your Menu of meal selections. Your meals are individually packaged and labeled with suggested heating instructions, in recyclable, microwaveable containers.

My favorite meals included:

Breakfast: Mandarin Orange Ricotta Cheese Crepes with Fresh Strawberries;

Lunch: Tuna Burger on whole Wheat Bun with cucumber and avocado salsa

Dinner: Fillet of Halibut with Spicy Orange Sauce

Deserts range from various types of Cheesecake, to cookies to anything savory you wish.

I tried it and the final result is that it works. In two-weeks, I was down 6-lbs and I honestly wasn’t hungry. It was the best! If you’re looking for a nutritious way to learn the right way to eat, manage your weight and have food that’s prepared…just like you would at home, The Fresh Diet is the ticket.

The Fresh Diet is available locally with daily delivery in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Delaware, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, New Jersey, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Southern California, Southern & Western Florida, Washington D.C., and is now available nationwide via ground shipping. For more information, please visit



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