Truly Best Proposal EVER

O.M.G!! Full disclaimer…get a BOX – FULL BOX of tissues.  Perhaps it was because it was 2:00am when I first found this. Perhaps it was one of those hot and muggy nights and I’m thinking too much. Perhaps I miss romance.  Maybe…it’s because I want to believe that what happens in the beginning, will be a pretty good indicator of what their married life will be.  No, really it’s because it’s just tear-jerk worthy.

Let’s be honest and you may have noticed that I don’t write about ‘real weddings’.  Primarily because there are 5billion other blogs that do that, but also because 95% of what you see on some of the more ‘popular blogs’ are staged weddings.  That’s right, that table setting or really cool design is borrowed from the designer and not real. There are models and not necessarily couples.  I know…. Why else do you think when you bring a copy of something you see and want it, you have $ticker $hock when you find out how much it costs.  Now, that’s not ALL wedding blogs but if it looks too perfect, it probably is. But I digress.

I was up really late last night and happened on this video. I honestly hate cheesy proposals but mid-way through this (dubbed the First Lip-Sync Proposal) I was bawling like a baby.  Geez, I think I want to marry him…or at least have someone know me that well.  What I really love is the “look in her eyes” (which you can see her reaction on the small camera in the upper-right hand corner) and her pure joy!  O.M.G. at the end…was so suave.

So just to check out my hormonal level…I watched it again this morning (a much cooler day in NYC) and yup…like clock-work…tears are falling.  So sit back, grab a tissue, enjoy and wish this couple happiness. This is truly the Best Proposal Ever.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


One thought on “Truly Best Proposal EVER

  1. This proposal was so great! I first saw it the other day on Mashable & also teared up. So much thought and planning must have went into that; lucky girl 🙂

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