Design your own Chuck Taylor sneekers for your wedding shoe

Yes its hi-wedding season and I know that brides and grooms worldwide are looking for ways to personalize their wedding attire…inexpensively.  You can do it simply by jazzing up your footwear. Have you ever thought of your partner as your own superhero? Ok, so maybe that’s a stretch, but with Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star DC Comics Design, you can have your pick of batman characters on your feet to protect your wedding against ‘crashers’ or just a bit of fun.

These shoes feature four custom Batman character patterns and the opportunity to include an embroidered hero or villain ankle patch.

Is your ring-bearer scared about dropping the ring, tell him he’s protected by  “Batman”. Make sure your best man has a little help with his speech from “The Joker” or “The Riddler”. To make sure everything from your hair to perfectly manicured nails are perrrrrrfect, how about “Cat Woman”?

No worries that they will overshadow your outfit. Pick you color shoe laces, stitching, lining, and personalized ID heel strip, allowing you to create the ultimate personalized shoe. Just like your love, your shoes will be unique.

They take about 3-weeks to be delivered and cost $55 for kids and $75 for adults.



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