Destination Mexico: Mexico spices up wedding destinations

Let’s put this out there – ALL of Mexico has been getting a bad rap. That’s like saying ALL of anyplace is bad.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some areas that are really dangerous, but I would never go there, nor would I send you there. I’ve worked with the Mexico Tourism Board as well as Love Mexico to bring you information about some of the hot-spots as well as beautiful places for your wedding, honeymoon or just a long weekend trip to somewhere warm especially now.

Let’s talk about the places that you may know of and a few you may not

Cabo San Lucas: When ever you hear about a celebrity on holiday, they are heading to Cabo.  Let’s face it, it’s beautiful. If you like adventure, diving or an active nightlife, then Cabo is for you.  Charter a boat for a sunset cruise or walk hand in hand under the stars.

Cancun: Ok, known as the place to go for college break, it is truly Mexico’s most popular location.  But did you know that they have excellent snorkeling and an underwater museum? They also have their own 5th Avenue filled with shops that is perfect for buying gifts for your guests – locally (thereby keeping the price down).

Rivera Maya: Eco-brides will love the white-sand beaches, the barrier reef and of course the Mayan ruins. Recently I participated in a Mayan wedding ceremony and it was truly so beautiful. From the biosphere, to the pristine beauty of Playa del Carmen, you won’t go wrong.

San Miguel: For 16th century charm, lots of galleries and beautiful mountain scenery, this is the place for you.  Pick a small hacienda for your wedding and party the night away. Did you know this is the home of “Tequila”? Why not have a side-trip to one of the many factories or have a tasting at your reception. Truly it won’t be any fresher or better than here.

There is a lot of country to see, things to do, amazing food to eat and the friendliest people on the planet. Having gone three times I always find something new to do, see and enjoy. The next few weeks, I’m going to share Mexico with you I’ve loved spending time there and I hope you will too.


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