Apps to make your travel easy as one, two, click

Oh My – I need a vacation desperately! I need the sun on my face and sand under my feet. I need the man in my life to pay attention to me for a weekend and for us to have fun. I’m sure that as you’re planning your honeymoon, you’re looking at tons of guidebooks and apps for your phone.  Here are a few that I hope will make your time online a lot shorter and your travels a bit smoother.

Worldmate has been rated the world’s number one mobile app because it automatically alerts you of flight delays, gate changes and even reminds you of when you can check in.  While there are different parts of the application that are blackberry ‘heavy’, you will also have access to a currency converter, local restaurants and shopping listings.

Have you ever been stuck in an airport (sadly you don’t have private club access), your luggage is heavy and you are starving?  Gate Guru lists all the businesses near your gate with user ratings.  So food is only as far as the next click.  @gateguruapp

With Aloqa you will always be a local.  This user generated app reviews restaurants, bars, lists movie listings ATM’s and just about everything you can think of. I know you’re thinking….this sounds a bit like Yelp right? Well in some aspects it is but this also has a great international feature so I think for your destination wedding, this might be really helpful to you and your guests?

Madly in love with Room77. This site that gives you what others (in my humble opinion) others don’t.  If you want to know what your room looks like, what floors are available, this shows it to you.  I tried it for hotels both that I’ve visited and am in the planning stages of and WOW!!  Yes, the Crosby Street Hotel rooms are like that and yes El Conquistador Hotel in Puerto Rico really is that beautiful   @Room_77

Are you ready for a trip now?  Soon I’ll be taking you to Mexico and some of the great places you should consider for your vacation or destination wedding.  Until then, here’s hoping that your travels are now just a bit smoother.


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