How to get your Jewelry’s Luster and Shine back

Fancy colored diamond jewelry will never lose its color. It may however, over time, start to lose its luster and shine. Similar to anything else, your jewelry will eventually get dirty. Although, the good thing is it’s really quite easy to clean.

More than any other piece of jewelry a diamond ring will take the most abuse. The reason is, it is worn on your hand, which is constantly in motion and coming in contact with the table, the keyboard, and various other dirty surfaces. Regardless of how clean the environment is, since jewelry is worn directly on your skin, it manages to collect many forms of debris.

Many jewelers recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. However, let’s face it, it isn’t always practical to get out to the jeweler.

The most significant characteristic in fancy colored diamonds is the color itself. Should dirt, filth, or other minerals get inside the setting, it will detract from the color, fire, and shine that radiates from the stone.

Follow this easy 5-step procedure by Leisbish & Co. to ensure that your diamond jewelry glistens as it should.

STEP 1: Prepare the Ingredients

Jewelry Cloth – A jewelry cloth is best to wipe the diamond clean before and after the scrubbing. If a jewelry cloth or flannel cloth is not available, a simple piece of cotton can be substituted.

Jewelry Brush – A jewelry cloth is critical to make sure you have wiped the diamond clean of all debris. If a jewelry brush is not available, a SOFT-bristled toothbrush can be substituted.

Solution – The solution is critical to help loosen minerals of dirt from the diamond jewelry.  Depending on what you are cleaning, you may have to modify the magic recipe.

For diamond jewelry use hot water and a detergent-free soap, such as dishwashing soap. Ammonia is best for diamonds, but it can potentially detract from the color of the metals.

For loose diamonds use an ammonia and warm water solution. It should be made of 3 parts water and 1 part ammonia. If straight ammonia is not available, use a window cleaning solution. Interesting enough, window cleaner is made of the exact combination of ammonia and water required.

STEP 2: Be Sure the Stones are Secure

Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure that all diamonds are properly set in place. This is a simple check that anyone can do by simply making sure the stones are well fastened. Scrubbing jewelry that has loose stones could potentially damage the stone, or even worse you can accidentally lose the stone. If a loose stone is found, don’t mess around. Get the piece over to a jewelry company that you trust to ensure the stones are properly set back into place.  Once the company is setting the stones, cleaning will most likely be thrown in free of charge.

STEP 3: Remove Potentially Damaging Particles

Any hair or dust should first be removed from the diamond jewelry.  These types of debris can actually scratch a diamonds surface while scrubbing. Just to be on the safe side, after removing any hair or dust, give it a good shake and hold it under a running tap of running water.

STEP 4: Cleaning the Jewelry

Dip the diamond jewelry in the prepared solution (of hot water and detergent-free soap) for 3-5 minutes. With a soft-bristled brush, begin scrubbing the diamond jewelry clean to rid of any unnecessary dirt or filth. This will remove the buildup in, on, and even under the diamond. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times to make sure that all the dirt is removed.

Once clean, wipe the diamond dry with a jewelry cloth or a cotton pad.

STEP 5: Storing Your Diamonds

When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a soft cloth bag or even the original box it was received in. Over time, everything gets dirty. However, by properly storing the diamond jewelry, it will help minimize any exposure to unwanted minerals.

The greatest thing about fancy colored diamonds is that they will never lose their color, their brilliance, or their shine. Keeping your jewelry clean will only ensure your piece radiates as it should.


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