2011 Wedding Cost Update 3.4% decrease from 2010

We all know that the economy has changed the way couples look at their wedding and where they choose to spend their hard earned money.  It’s not about keeping up with the Duke and Duchess or even the Kardashians. It’s more about, how can I get the most for the money I’m willing to spend?  In 2011 the average cost spent on a wedding was $25,631, a 3.4% decrease from the 2010 total of $26,542. While that may not seem like a lot, the cost of wedding had steadily increased over the last decade and this tightening of the belt was felt across the industry.

The areas that saw the biggest decrease were rehearsal dinner, engagement announcements, gifts for your bridal party and even wedding bands.  However getting a wedding planner, an engagement photo session, the wedding dress (or the number of change dresses you had) and your wedding location saw a large increase in spending.

So what does this tell you? All of the things that you see in wedding magazines and blogs, all the stylized photo shoots cost BIG BUCKS and aren’t necessary. Now everyone will have their wedding on TV or can afford to invite 500 or your closest friends to eat drink and watch you get married. More couples are cutting back and I anticipate this trend will continue for the near future.

This isn’t to suggest that you can’t have a beautiful wedding if you choose to limit the extras. It simply means have a wedding that will be meaningful to you and your future spouse.  There’s nothing stopping you from making due with what you have other than you.  Remember in the end, it’s your wedding and just because someone else had a marching band doesn’t mean you have to have an orchestra…unless your wallet is that big.   If however it is, please invite me, I give good gifts.

All stats were obtained by the Wedding Report and you can see the entire breakdown in their article.


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