Bentley’s Popcorn a luxury snack

Have you heard of Bentley’s Popcorn?? This is a small company that packs a big punch with their popcorn. With Popcorn being the #2 snack (potato chips are number 1) it’s eaten worldwide by 99 of every 100 people.  That’s a lot of popcorn!

The Cinnamon Almond, Toffee Carmel and Butter Pecan flavors are all delish.  What makes them a company with a heart, with any purchase, they will automatically make a charitable donation to the Homeless Pets Foundation in honor of their dog Bentley.

Their individual packages will be great room snacks for your guests who travel to your wedding and at least one gift that you know they will enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Bentley’s Popcorn a luxury snack

  1. A luxury car is, in general, a mark of prestige, a display of wealth that marks the owner as a financial force to be reckoned with. But it’s so easy to get it wrong.   Seeing souped up supercars champing at the bit around the roads of Altrincham is quite frankly embarrassing. 

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