Fratelli Rossetti is ready for the football player in your life

A classic shoe for your football lover who will eventually be your groom

Are you ready for some football? I know that at least 98% of the men in America (and a good portion of women including me) will be glued to SUPERBOWL XLVI on Sunday.  What most will see before the big game are the well-dressed anchormen who are to the nines but what are they wearing on their feet?

This year NBC Sports’ stylist Amy Acton recruited Italian luxury footwear brand Fratelli Rossetti to provide the footwear to the 10 Sports anchors covering every aspect of the came

“With an estimated 110 million plus viewers watching the coverage, it gives new meaning to the term power dressing. I selected styles from the Fratelli Rossetti Fall Collection that would best complete the total look I created for each of our air-on talent” said Acton.

What makes this bridal worthy? If these shoes are good enough for the SUPERBOWL they’re good enough for your wedding day too.


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