Crash Corsage app for wedding crashers

How many of you have seen “Wedding Crashers”? Did you cringe at the thought of someone crashing your wedding? Or are you one of those that say “that will never happen to me.”  Well, Crash Corsage, a new iPhone app that will be available sometime in May, just might have you changing your mind.

That’s right, you’ve spent thousands of dollars and it’s bad enough that people you know may not get you a gift that you like. Imagine people you don’t know, eating, drinking and potentially doing damage to your venue. You do realize that YOU, not the crasher will be held responsible for damages right?  Are you sweating yet??

So this app pulls information off the popular wedding web sites (the Knot, Brides etc), which has all the information that you send to your guests. It gives just enough information that a potential crasher can act like a cousin or the date of one of your friends.

Why would someone do something like this?  Because some folks are crazy enough to do this. This app provides points and opportunities to ‘win’ for ‘checking-in’ at the wedding, posting photos etc.  It’s a 4-square for crashers (and I really like 4 square so sorry about the analogy).  So yet another way that technology is changing the wedding industry.


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