Baume & Mercier create worldwide social media options at SIHH

I love a great watch and think that it’s not only a great investment, but a must for everyone. If I had the opportunity, I would have personally gone to Geneva to attend the SIHH event to see some of the newest brands coming to market.  Watchmakers and watch-lovers worldwide will be there learning about the latest innovations and this year, January 16-20 will really shake things up especially for Baume & Mercier. They even have a page that launched today which provides lots of information and previews before the show begins.

Baume & Mercier will be the first watch-making brand to launch an innovative website devoted to capturing the action at SIHH, streaming content from Twitter updated in real-time. Just one click and a sneak-preview presentation of new products at two on-site, video-broadcast press conferences. They also created a Facebook page as a virtual stand that will offer video-broadcast press conferences and photo galleries of the new collections that will be unveiled.  It will be just like being there from the comfort of your own chair.

So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to follow Baume & Mercier on Twitter @BaumeEtMercier on their latest and keep in mind, a Baume & Mercier watch makes a wonderful wedding gift.

Staying connected to tradition, and a tradition of staying connected. Life is about moments…


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